Question of the Week #43

As your baby gets "older", will you let it stay an infant or treat it older?


I will always treat my babies like babies...that's what I love about dolls they never grow up....

I'll still treat them as an infant, but they will have the age of what they really are.

Probably keep them as infants.

As Kayden has gotten older I find myself treating him older. He still gets attention but he is understanding that the new baby has "needs" too. So, my answer is yes, I treat them according to their age. God bless.

I will always treat mine as "infants" that is what I love about them. I am not so interested in older baby dolls.

I treat Trevz older cause he'z a growin' boy :D ........... but I might keep treatin' the same same the yearz go by.......
Manda & Family

It's funny that I got this e-mail today (Jordan's Birthday) well what I'm going to do is keep celebrating his birthday until his third then it'll be like he was new born again.