Question of the Week #46

Why do you or why don't you take your babies out in public?


I do take my babies out sometimes. Not very often. Just if I am in the mood.

Right now it's very cold out so I don't take them out much, but when it's nice out I love taking them out. I love the reactions they get, a lot of the time people think they are real.

I take my babies out in public cause I love the reactions I get from people...I usually only take out one baby at a time if I'm shopping or something...the only place I take all the babies all at once is to the nursing home for visits...

I take them in public cause I love dolls plus I am getting ready to have to carry a real baby around some day.

I have taken Hayley out a few times and had lots of fun doing it. But it was when I was with my friend. If I try to take Hayley out on my own my mom flips out! I wish she wouldn't though. :(