Question of the Week #47

Do you display your babies so everyone can see them or do you keep them away?


My reborns all 6 of them are displayed . My mom just helped my hubby get a weighted BTIO that I was suppose to get Christmas he just got here so all 6 reborns plus my BTIO Maison Elliot all displayed a huge playpen with their blankies and pacis.

I have them all over the apparment. Brian and Mersadiez are on top of our entertainment center. Zoey is asleep in the bouncer in the living room. Once we get the swing she'll be in there. They have their own room with all their crap, plus in my and Brian's room wa have a couple of my other dolls on the dresser. Kind of hard to hide the fact...when people come over and we have baby crap all over the place. We have bottles and sippy cups in the kitchen, those we use for Kaden and Hunter. We have wipes and diapers in the bathroom. Even our gurage has stuff in there.

I Don't Hide My Babies..I Have A Shelf Right Above My Bed That They Sit On At Night And Usually During The Day They Are on My Bed...But Like Nicole..I Have Baby Stuff EVERYWHERE!..I Could Never Hide It..I Always Have My Kids Clothes All Over My Room :)

my babies have their own room and are displayed in their crib, usually.

My babies are always out. They are either sleeping on the couch, watching tv, in my arms or in there little home made crib. I also have stuff all over the house, there is no hiding them.
Katie and Kids

My babies or at least one of them is usually with me at all times..I usually have one baby sitting on my lap while I am at the computer or watching TV right now I have Jennica sitting with me..Also Jennica got to go out with me today..she only went to my moms and then back home with me...I lost her keys a while back so I haven't had her on lately..but I still love her just the same...anyways take care all

My babies are right in my living room with me where everyone can see. More than once people have come in to my home and said "oh you have a baby!" Especially guys. The guy who fixed my furnace thought I had a baby since he last saw me, I just laughed and said, "I wish". That would really be a miracle.

I keep cammie out in her car seat! Plus I have tons of baby clothes for her:) I dont have a big room so most of my other babies r stored away. That will be diffrent once we move to a bigger home!

I keep my babies out where people can see them when they come into my room. I cannot fit them both in the bassinent so I switch them out from the bassinet to the bouncy seat. A lady from our church came by to see my parents one day when I was gone and she saw Kayden when my mom showed her our house. She told me a few weeks ago that he is the cutest thing ever! So, to answer the question, yes they are out!