Question of the Week #5

What kind of clothes/accessories have you bought for your doll(s)?


I have bought tons of clothes! I have a BIG bin Filled with Tons of Clothes! Its overflowing?!!!! And I bought them a stroller and I bought them Diapers! But I donít buy diapers anymore!

I bought a car seat and the bunting from the company (Selu Spirit Inc). I've also gotten my little baby girl baby clothes and pacifiers.

I bought a yellow gown and hat set, a blue sleeper and hat set, yellow pastel bootie socks, and the yellow/white pastel blanket/burp cloth set.

Oh my. Car seat (used), sleepers, onesies, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipes, socks, booties, Snugli (used), hats, dresses, bouncy seat, anything I can get my hands on for them!

I just went out and bought clothes for Jordan today. My mom actually bought them so she got to pick out his clothes. She bought him a Yankees jumpsuit, which she forbids me to put on him until after spring training (she's a bit superstitious about that). She also bought him a pair of stone washed overalls and a red w/ light and navy blue striped onesie from osh-kosh-be-gosh. I bought a 3-6 months because thatís what every one recommended but it seemed too big so it's in the wash now and I hope it shrinks.

It's more of what haven't I bought. Both of the boys have crib blankets, a ton of clothes (summer and winter), dippers, bottles, binkys, blankets, a car seat that they share, toys, binky holders, snowsuits, hats, mittens, shoes, socks, and jackets. Eventually I want to get them a play pen to share, a bouncer, a stroller, and a swing. Not to mention more clothes. I just don't have a place to put them right now. Plus my parents are still mad about me getting Jayden. I'm starting to cut back on what I buy the boys.

I have sooooooooooo many boyz and gurlz clothez, I had to put them in 2 big boxez (some are from when I was little), I have a car seat I got when I had my 1st BTIO in 8th Grade (Trev and Rayne will have to share), a bouncy seat, 2 diaper bagz, newborn diaperz, snugli, and so much more that I can't keep track of.........

Wow, I read through some and you people out there have a lot. I think it is so cute how Brian (Nicole's Boyfriend?) buys the babies stuff too. I am sure my fiancť would too. But what I have right now is a Car Seat which my boyfriend won for me off the neonate website a while ago, I have baby blankets and some preemie clothes. I have little hats and some binky's I bought my nephew that he never used so I hung them up for my baby (BTIO that I am going to get) to use. It's a preemie one also. I have a travel baby swing and a little bitty swinging bassinet. Itís like a swing but a miniature "Cradle" is hooked on it. I am sure you have seen them around.
I am sorry to those whose parents disagree with these babies. Aren't they happy that you are responsible enough to spend like 430 dollars on a doll that is like an infant then spending 12,000,000 dollars on a kid that you have to have for the rest of your life. Which isn't bad at all but for as young as we are. The least they could do is see the responsibility we have in ourselves to KNOW we can't afford a real child... NO Offense to the babies they are children too but you know what I mean ;0) well... I gotta go get ready for work. I hope you guys enjoy all your day and whatever else you do on here. I hope your babies aren't too much trouble for you ;0) they can be a handful. I am asking my grandparents and my family for the money earlier then I graduate so I can get my little Malcolm Hugh NOW. hehehe But I dunno. If not I guess you do have to wait like 9 months for a real baby so I suppose I will just have to pretend that the baby needs all it's time to developed and pretend that I am pregnant with the baby no matter how stupid it sounds. It will help me get through the weeks of wanting one and not getting one till June seem a lot less stressful and thoughtful about it till it can happen ;0)