Question of the Week #53

What kinds of things do you tell people if they ask about your babies when you take them out?


I normally say it's a school project.

I either say it's for school, or I just tell them the truth...that I am a doll collector (but he is much more than a doll). I have also thought about saying that I rented him from Planned Parenthood.

I usually tell people that I am doll collector and that I am taking my baby to vist my mom or whomever I am going to visit..

I either tell them it's a project for school, They ask me about how the "school dolls" are, or I say that since Brian and I are engaged we have to do a practice baby. To see how our parenting skills are together.

No one has asked me, but I would tell them I collect dolls, and these are my way of nurturing. Something I was unable to do adopting older children.

I Don't Say Anything To People When They Ask. I Just Smile And Walk Away Usually..But My Babies Haven't Been Out For Awhile. And If So They Sit In The Car

That I have a realistic doll collection because I love babies and I sew for Bundles of Love and they are my "models".

I just tell them the truth! There my dolls and some cry some don't ect. You can no longer buy them but can find them on ebay sometimes, etc.

I haven't taken my baby out. When I do I'll either say that I collect dolls, I'm doing it for school, or my hubby and I are doing a practice baby.

I tell people the truth when they ask me about my babies. Why hide it? I am not ashamed to tell people I love my babies even if they are not real. God bless you!