Question of the Week #58

What is the story of how you got your Neonate(s) or BTIO(s)?


Well most of you know my story since it's sent to you when you join. But anyway, to make it short, one summer I just decided I was going to get one. I was going to finally get a summer job and save for one. So right that same week I got a job. I worked hard for the summer and saved as much as I could. By about the third pay cheque I ordered her on layaway and I sent the first half of the money. Then about two pay cheques later I had the rest of the money, so I paid it and about a week later on a hot humid summer day I got a notice to go pick her up at the purlator office. I had not been there before. So I got directions and made the long trek by bus to get her. All the way home I was dying to open the box. It was hard carrying it in the heat. Then when I got her home I took her in my room and opened the box and nearly cried the moment I saw her. She was so beautiful and made me very happy.

When I got my first Neonate, she was electronic and her name was Kaylee May. I was looking on Ebay for Baby Think It Over and I found her. This was before I knew what a Neonate was. I bid on her and won her! It was the first Ebay auction that I ever bid on. She was the reason I got an ebay account (actually it's my mom's but I am the one that uses it). After about a year and a half I decided to sell her to try to get enough money saved up to get a Baby Think It Over. I never seemed to be able to save the money up, and I was missing my baby girl a LOT so I bid on Damian on Ebay! I was so happy when the mail lady told me she had a package for me that she was bringing back. I didn't think that he was going to get there because usually the mail lady brought the packages before the mail. But, I got him and I opened him. It was hard for me to not just take him out and hold him right there but I wanted to get a picture of him before I took him out of the box. Then about two or three weeks later I bid on my BTIO, Melody. It was a CLOSE auction! I put my maximum bid in at the last 51 seconds and about 4 more bids came in trying to outbid me. Right at the last second, someone bid the same amount as me, but since I bid it first I won her! I was SO happy. I picked Damian up and hugged him! He was sitting on my lap, we were bidding on her together, he brought me luck!

Well letís see if I can remember. Here goes. Jamal was the first Neonate I got. I won him from Ebay when the company first opened. I remember he came to a nearby postal outlet so my mom and I went to pick him up. I opened the box and was so pleased. He was one of the most realistic looking baby dolls I had ever seen and he was all mine. Then my next Neonate was Justin. My fiancť Blair got him for me for my b-day. Blair got him from ebay after he found out the company had closed. Then lets see who is my next baby...that would be Jillian. I got her from Tammy. Turns out Tammy needed some extra cash and she was willing to sell one of her babies so I emailed her and she said I could buy the baby from her. Next I got Jennica. She is a standard BTIO. I got her from Nicole. We did a trade. I had 2 welcome home Emily babies and Nicole wanted to trade or sell her baby so I offered the trade and she accepted and in no time my baby was in my arms. My next baby was Joy. I bought her from a lady in a doll group. At first I thought I was getting an electronic neonate but then the seller said no that I was mistaken but I wanted the baby anyways and she came to me just before Christmas...she is my Christmas Joy. And then of course I got my Julianna. Julianna was originally for sale on ebay but I could not afford her all at once. I watched the auction like a hawk. Then I noticed she did not sell. And I knew the seller from doll talk so I asked if I could get her baby and pay by lay away and she agreed so in a few months I had my new baby paid for and she came home to me. Also I do have Welcome home Emily I got her in the summer cause I fell in love I could not believe it when I opened her box she is by far the most realistic looking baby doll I have ever seen. I also own a Loving Eyes Emily renamed Emeline...Again she is one of the most realistic looking dolls I've seen and I am in love...I hope to someday get all the wonderful babies from Ashton Drake that are similar to Emily but well my wedding is next year and I have to save save more babies.

Skyler- Ok, It was right after I got home from visiting Brian; during the visit he bought me my My Way Baby, Brian Jr. I got home and was searching for some doll things for him, like a playpen or car seat. I was looking at the Graco doll Playpen and someone had mentioned in a review that the playpen held their 8lb electronic Neonate. That caught my eye. I searched the Internet about these dolls. I found the website and fell instantly in love. Being that they were from the same molds as the BTIOs that I wanted in high school. Brian came down that next weekend. I showed him the doll and said that I really wanted one. I wanted an electronic one, so he told me to email them. I did and found out they had sold out of electronic ones, and the company was closing in 5 days. I called Brian crying because I thought I would never own one. I called the company and reserved the one I wanted, he called back later with the shipping info and credit card. That next weekend Brian came down to see me. He was carrying a big white box with him. I hugged him and grabbed the box and ran to my room. I was in awe!!!!

Jayden- The day after Brian ordered Skyler for me, I had searched Yahoo for Neonates groups. I came across ours. I had been in here for a couple weeks and Ashley the whole time had been saying she was getting a Real Care BTIO from a lady in Canada. Daily she would say the money order was sent. Brian and I had talked about getting one, but at that time we didn't think the BTIO company would sell to open public. Krystle had mentioned she had the Ebay auction and email address of this lady selling the baby. I emailed Rose, she told me that she was sick of waiting for Ashley and if I had the money out that same day he would be mine. I called Brian with the price and what the company was charging. Brian said it was a good deal and I could go for it. I couldn't remember my pin for my credit card, but I did have the checks for it. I took one to the bank, cashed it and got a Postal MO and sent it off that day. Two weeks later I had a large box in my room and my parents were mad!!!

Tiffany- Right before we got Jayden I had met up with a friend that I had as a child. Her and I had a stupid fight and stopped talking. But both from the broken time missed the other. We found each other on We hand gone out to eat and I had brought Skyler with me. She fell in love with him. She was telling me how she had a BTIO but her ex had got mad at it and set it on fire. I told her about Neonates and the company stopped making them. She found a Native American girl on Ebay and bid... She forgot she had bid on it until she got the winning bid email. Her hubby wasn't too happy with her for bidding on it. She told him that she would stay in the box and he agreed. So the baby sat in the box for months. I had been telling her that there was a girl in the group that was selling a girl Neonate. I wanted a girl, but the one for sale had its ears pierced, and mouth cut open. I didn't really want one that way, especially for the price she was asking. Plus I wanted a different ethnicty than Caucasian...I really wanted a Native American. Katie told me that if I wanted a Native girl that bad I could have her baby.

The question was how it came about that we ended up getting Neonate babies.
Well, when my daughter was in junior high they had some of the babies that you put a key in the back. That class would not let the Special Ed kids participate in the program. My daughter wanted one so I went on the Internet and found the Neonate babies. I got her a Caucasian electronic girl and now we have a Hispanic electronic boy and a light African American electronic girl. Some of the kids were deliberately destroying the dolls (took the heads off, etc.) so the teacher stopped the program all together. When my daughter took her babies to school to show her special ed teacher, he called and ask me not to let her bring it anymore because there were girls who wanted one too and thought the school gave her the doll and it caused havoc all day. There were signs of jealousy and hurt feelings, it was a total mess. When her teacher tried to explain to the girls that she got it from her mom they didn't believe it and it was a real rough day. So, our baby was expelled from school visits. Oh well, thatís ok, cause we love her anyway!!