Question of the Week #6

What is your typical day for you and your Neonate/BTIO/or other doll?


Hello, Since I am "Having" a BTIO. My usual day with him would be, I would feed him right when I hear him cry from being awake. Then I would give him a "Bath' and powder his little bottom. Then after that he will probably want some burping power to be done so then I would burp him. Then I would ship him to my mother so I can get dressed and showered to start my day and go to school. On Tuesday- Friday he will stay with my mother until I get home from school and then I will spend my time with him. On Mondays I will take him to my granny's so she can baby-sit till I get out of school then I usually work on Monday nights so I would just let mom care for him. Until I got home. On Monday’s before work I would lay out his clothes so my mother could get him ready for bed around 8 and have him asleep HOPEFULLY by 830-900. Then I would come home from work around 1230am and tuck him in as I get ready for bed and get finished, I would lay down in my nice comfy water bed and hear him cry out JUST as I put my head on my nice feathered pillow. I would smile to myself and Think "Oh baby Malcom, you do know how to time them" and I would get up pick him up lay him with me in bed and feed him burp him and lay with him till he is asleep again then I would lay him back in his little cradle and fall fast asleep till around 3am - 4am then I would get back up with him feed him burp him rock him lay him down and go back to sleep till Tuesday morning...
On the nights that I don't have to work I would take him shopping with him. Go to my granny's and gramps with him and take him everywhere with me. He would be the spotlight of the whole night with my grandparents :0) And then I would be home by 8:00 to get him changed and ready for bed. And get him to sleep around 830-900 hopefully and then I would study and do my work till 11 then go to sleep. Wake up take car of him blah blah blah and start the whole WONDERFUL parenting process again.

Well right now it's basically that I get up in the morning and change and feed Hayley. And I do the same at night only I give her a bath before she goes to sleep.
But if I can finally get my mom to accept Hayley then I would probably do the same but also feed her and change her diaper every few hours. I may even try Heather's idea of setting the alarm clock at random hours so it's a bit more like BTIO.
I'd also take her out a lot more and stuff. :)

Well the typical day for Trevan and I is I get up give my little guy a kiss in the morning........get him changed and stuff first (cause he'z the 1st thing I start my day with).......then I get ready for a big day......... but On Tuesdayz I get up give my little guy a kiss and get ready for school give him another kiss before I leave....... and leave him with Gram until I get home about 3:30pm and once I get in the door I head straight for Trevan and hold him and give him lotz of love until I have leave again for school..........but on dayz where I have classez on Wednesday and Thrusday I take my little guy to Grant'z mom and dad'z.......... and on Monday and Fridayz I spend my whole day with the little booger.......... sometimez we color in my coloring bookz, play gamez, and stuff.........and since Trevanz gonna be a 1 year old on April 11th..........I'm helpin' him be a big boy.......that meanz "potty trainning"...hehehehe

Well a typical day for me and Jamal is I get up in the morning and cuddle him for a bit..change his diaper and clothes....then I have to put him back to bed cause I have to get ready for work :(....I'm kinda glad that Jamal isn't an electronic baby....Cause I would have no time for an electronic baby...but I want one really really bad...But I'll settle for a mannequin...I'd really like another neonate but they are out of business...:(...I can't remember why Neonates went out of business can someone please refresh my memory.....