Question of the Week #7

Where does your "baby" sleep?


Hayley sleeps on the top bunk of doll bunk beds made of wood. The bed was made when I was very young by my grandpa I believe and I've kept it. It's not quite long enough though so Hayley has to sleep with her feet a bit in the air.

Kiara sleeps on the top shelf of a low bookcase in my bedroom. I made it into a type of crib for her, surrounded by baby blankets and pillows and some small stuffed animals.

Since I gave the new cradle to my granddaughter, Baby Peter is still sleeping in My Twinn Elizabeth Anne's bed while we wait for his cradle to arrive from The Southern Woodshop. That means Elizabeth Anne sits on my full size rocking chair with her sisters, Alexandra and Margaret. Hannah is currently occupying Elizabeth Anne's little rocking chair. I do move them around from time to time. In the morning I often lay Peter on top of his receiving blanket on my bed and set Margaret next to him to watch over him. It does make a cute picture. Reminds me of when my daughter Maia and her brother Alejandro were babies. They are only 14 months apart in age and resemble Margaret who, is a toddler, and newborn Peter.

Hello Everyone,
When my Son, Torrence Hugh Eugene arrives he will sleep in the miniature swinging bassinet I bought. Right beside my bed or at the foot

Arawak sleeps on a pillow that's lays vertically, next to me on my bed. He has his own pillow and little section on my bed.

Tre' Sleeps In His Car Seat Or His Bouncey Seat :)

Jayden sleeps in his car seat, Skyler sleeps in a little box I made into a bed, and Brian sleeps in a small doll crib.

Nadine is sleeping in her carseat or her moses basket, and sometimes with me when it's cold:)! I know real babies shouldn't sleep in the same bed as their parents because of the danger of SIDS, thankfully I don't have to worry about that happening with Nadine:)

Caitlyn and Mikayla sleep in a beautiful old wooden baby cradle, it's perfect for both of them.

Trevan sleepz in his car seat cause I don't have any more room for a crib or bassinet

I made a little diaper table/ crib for him out of the box he originally came in, a shoe box ( to hold the accessories), an old pillow, a towel, and a blanket.