Question of the Week #8

How do you handle comments like "You're too old to play with dolls?"


I have not heard that said (at least not in front of me anyway!) but if I did I would reply: "you are never too old to love a doll and nurture it and feel the joy in your heart and happiness it brings to your life." I do whatever makes me happy and if other people don't like it, that's their issue, not mine!

Well people usually donít say though but if some1 does then I say "Well at least Iím gonna know how to take care of my kids" or I say "so I donít care" or "would you want me to have a real baby? ok then"

I don't get out much, but the couple of people (outside my family) I have told about Baby Peter were totally accepting. One even has a number of porcelain dolls and a huge collection of teddy bears! I didn't know this until I told her about Peter. Both of these women are about my age. My children are amused and indulgent, although horrified that I might actually take Peter out in public. If, however, I am called upon to answer the charge that I am "too old to play with dolls," I can always claim to be in my second childhood.

I handle it pretty good, just yesterday I was talkin' to Grant'z mom, Mary and she supportz me havin' Trevz and she wantz to see and even hold Angel after she'z "born".......... she thinkz it'z a great ideaÖI forgot to mention earlier......... "Your Never To Old To Play With Toyz :D"............. well to me Trevz isn't a toy, he'z my son and I treat as if he was real and I'm gonna do the same with Angel (even though she'z more like a "real" baby).

I just ignore people who say I'm too old to play with dolls..Or sometimes I say well if I ever get desperate for money I could sell off my dolls and be rich and not ever have to work.....Not that I ever would LOL...not all my dolls..sometimes I sell some cause I just don't have the space....

When I had Hoagland no one really said anything to me about it. My Aunt loved him and my dad just made BAD remarks because he was Native American and he is raciest that is why I don't go see him or anything. :0( I can't handle it. But that is a story all in itself. My family is very supportive of me in everyway. And I don't really see strangers enough to of had them see he was only a "Doll." So... That is how I don't deal with it. I suppose if anyone did say that to me. Or something I would just ignore them or say this isn't a DOLL it's my son. You know? They can think I am stupid or weird all they want. ;0) I think that we are all responsible though because instead of having a real one that we KNOW we can't support. We have substituted and who ever said it was wrong to have an imagination and dramatic play even at the age of 20 and up?

I just say "you're never too old to have or play with dolls." I don't really take it as an insult and get offended.

Brite eyes I loved your comments..especially the part about who says that if your in your 20's or older that you cannot enjoy dramatic play...I mean I really couldn't afford a real baby right now so I have Jamal my neonate...Plus I really think Black babies are cute and since my fiance and I are both white I doubt we'll be having a black baby LOL.