Question of the Week #9

What type of Neonate or doll do you have and what made you pick that type?


I own an Electronic Neonate. She is a caucasian female. I picked her first off because I wanted a girl and I wanted one that was my skin colour. Also, I wasn't sure I'd have time for a btio 24/7 and the neonate had an on/off switch. I also felt it would save on batteries. Plus btio was more money and I couldn't afford it.

My baby girl, Nadine, is a caucasian electronic neonate. I chose to get the electronic type because I wanted something more real than other baby dolls. I didn't really choose the caucasian one, at first I was going to get a latino baby, but then I just couldn't decide between all those gorgeus baby faces! So I ended up just having sort of a drawing for myself, and the caucasion face won!:) So that's how I got my caucasion girl!

I have a Special Edition Native boy. The reason I got Arawak was because ever since I was about 9 or 10 I've wanted a neonate. When I first found out about neonates on the site it said that they were going to raise the prices of the neonates in the next month. The electronic ones were raised from I think $199.99 to I think about $299.99 and I'm not sure what the traditional ones raised from. I wanted an electronic neonate back then and my mom said "no, I'm not buying you no $200 doll." I was upset. Then I tried saving up money to buy one but with $20 a month and me being 9 or 10 was not going to be an easy task in actually saving the money. I think I spent it out or something. Then I would go almost everyday on the neonates site and admire the dolls and the accessories since I had given up hope on ever getting one. After some years I stopped checking the site but I still checked my newsletter and it said they are going to stop selling electronic neonates. I didn't tell my parents then because I thought they were probably going to say no again. Then after a month I heard that the company was closig down so I was determined to get a traditonal one. I asked my dad and said I ship in for half the price and to my surprise he said yes. I was happy. I convinced my mom to get the avvessories for me by me doing extra chores. I got Arawak at only $100 plus $8.95 tax which was a great price. My dad loved Arawak when he firt saw him. My dad then said if he would have known the company was going to stop making the electronic dolls and they were still selling the electronic ones he would have got me one. I regret not telling him about the electronic ones but I really enjoy Arawak and I get to use my imagination. My mom likes holdig him too. My older sister thinks I'm weird for having a neonate but oh well. Oh I also got him because I'm part Amerindian and I like to collect Native American dolls and things like native necklaces, dreamcatchers, earings, and other things. I even like making dreamcatchers.

I have always wanted a BTIO since the first time I had one in high school. When I found out that the company wasn't selling to the general public I was sad. I had kinda gave up on it. I would occasionally check the site and admire the babies. I have always loved dolls and would regularly look on ToysRUs website and look at doll accessories. Some lady had posted a praise about the toy being able to handle the weight of her Electronic Neonate. This caught my attention. So I decided to search Neonate. I came across the official website. As soon as I saw the site I knew I had to have one. I kept talking about them to Brian till he agreed to get me one. Then I emailed GrannyO and she told me that they would be closing that next Friday and all dolls were 50% off. I called Brian right away and told him that. He was like ok, what kind do you want. I told him that I wanted a Caucasian Boy. I am an only child and had always wanted a baby brother. Next thing I knew was Brian was calling me back to tell me that I was a mommy. Then I took him to school to show my childcare teacher. She loved him and I had mentioned to her that I actually wanted a BTIO, but had heard that they didn't sell to public. She told me that that she thought they would sell, but I wasn't sure. So she said that if they didn't and I came to her with the money she would order me one. I had talked to Brian about what she said, and he said maybe in the future. I wanted to get a Caucasian baby girl, but then a deal came along to get a boy. I decided to get him instead. And now I will be getting a baby girl in the future. Which is what I wanted.

I have a trad. neonate caucasian male.......... My dad got him for me as a late Christmas gift.

I am going to be getting a Real Care BTIO baby that is a American Indian because it is my favorite type it is so much like a real baby and that is what I want. But seeing how I can't afford a child I really want one like it. So that is the closest thing. I had a Native Amercian electronic neonate…was a boy and I got him because I didn't think BTIO sold babies. And it was the closest thing.

I have a Latino Electronic Boy. I picked him because there were only two left Latino boy and African light skinned boy. I chose Latino because it was the closest to my skin tone. I was very lucky to get him.