Skin Care

Real babies have very delicate skin. They require special care so they do not get rashes, scratches and sores.

Neonates® have very delicate skin, too. Ink marks are usually permanent. Even if it is not a permanent marker, it will be permanent on your doll.

New, unwashed clothing can stain Neonates®. Dark sweatshirts, T-shirts, and jeans leave the worst stains. After the clothing has been washed a time or two, the color will not stain the Neonates®.

To keep your Neonates® doll clean, daily sponge baths using a mild soap helps. For some stubborn stains, there are a variety of things you can try, but none of them are guaranteed to remove the stains. If your doll has a stain, try one of these:

Acne medicine pads such as Stridex® or Clearasil®. Lay the pad over the area and let it sit - preferably in the sun. Remove the pad and wash the area with a mild soap.

Smear it with a petroleum jelly such as Vaseline® and let it "bake" in the sun, then wash it off with a mild soap

If you get any ink marks or anything go out and buy Oxy 5 acne cream. Put it on the spot and leave it on. For me I would leave it on for 24 hours then wash it off with mild soap and see if the mark was gone. The mark faded each time and after about a week or so of doing this the mark was gone. I would suggest puting the cream on the spot and leaving it on for two or 3 days (depending on how bad the mark is) and then wash it off with mild soap. If it's not gone yet, put the cream back on and leave again. Continue this until it's gone. Once the mark is gone, an ingrediant in the cream stays in the vinyl and prevents it from geting dyed in that same spot again! :) See before and after pics below...

BEFORE...see the blue marks on the fingers?

AFTER...all clean!