Members Speak Out About Their "Babies"

In our world, we are taught to accept people for who they are. We are taught not to judge people based on age, sex, race, religion or sexual preference. Yet we are also condemned when we behave in a manner that varies from the norm. It doesn't matter that there are those who seek to hurt, destroy or do evil. When we do anything, no matter how innocent, we are made fun of. We are made to feel inferior. We are singled out because of our difference. It's one of those things where you are danged if you do and your danged if you don't. I think God instills in us a desire to love. I am sure he would much rather us love our dolls, than to love making fun of people, or drinking, drugs, prostitution, etc. I am so fortunate to have a mother who loves me. She may not agree with me all the time, but she supports me. She is my best friend. I am blessed. To those whose families have a hard time dealing with their love of their babies; I offer them prayers. Who can say that love is a bad thing, when it does not harm? We need to cast aside the fear of worrying what other people think. This takes their control of us away. May we all one day soon truly be free.

God Bless us all!


Hello I am Helen, Lisa's Mother. I think that you are all great girls for continuing on what you believe in. I think that you having the "dolls" will make you better mothers if you're not already. :) Before Lisa got Jaysun and Jaymee she was always talking about wanting a little baby of her own. And she knew that she couldn't support one and knowing that she wanted one so bad I was surfing the web one night for realistic babies because I am a collector too. I came across Neonates. I saw the cute little babies and how real they looked and I knew I had to get one for Lisa. She told me over and over again she wanted a BTIO but they would never sell. Only to schools and other organizations. So when she told me the prices of the BTIO I knew she couldn't afford one and neither could I. and I thought she was nutz. But when I came across these precious babies I had to get one for Lisa. And they were cheap for a traditional. So I knew it was in my budget. At this time Lisa was 18 and a half going on 19 years old. I bought a male native american and it arrived and right away I took it over to Her. She opened it and from that day forward Jaysun hardly never left her side. Unless she was in classes or working.

When I heard that the Neonates shop shut down I knew I had to do something to keep Lisa from wearing out Jaysun anymore then she was already. She took really good care of him and he doesn't even have a visible scratch on him. No more then I could see anyways. So he is still a good collector's item but I needed to do something soon. So I saved enough money for many months and for her birthday this year I ordered a Real Care BTIO simulator for her. She almost had a heart attack when she opened (Had) her knew son. I couldn't even wait til her birthday which was only like 4 days away at the time. But I just couldn't wait to present her with her new son. So drug her over to my house and had her open it. Her dad thought we were both crazy at the time. :) So my daughter had a new son in her arms she immediatly had to put the batteries in him and try him out. The first time he cried warmed my heart as I seen how attentive my daughter was at handling him and wanting to be with him 24 hours. She named him Jaymee Lee Jostin. He is caucasian and now when i want to see my new grandson I have to pry him and beg her to let me baby-sit him. She is going to be a great mother someday because of how she never wants her baby too far from her. My husband even loves holding him and feeding him. Sometimes he gets frustrated with Jaymee because he can't figure out what the baby wants but it just gives me an excuse to take him. Shhhh don't tell my secret.

I have heard from Lisa that some of your parents don't support you at all or hardly any. I am here writing this to let you all know that it is a wonderful thing you are doing. Instead of going out and getting pregnant, no offence to those who are, ;) I think you are responsible young adults who know what their budgets can hold and right now it most certainly can't hold a real baby. For those of you who are older and have these same kinds of babies, I admire you. You are setting good examples to your children about what really matters. And for them to also take responsibility when they too want a child or wanna grow up too fast, they have those dolls to teach them from the beginning that a baby isn't easy or is it in-expensive. :) Well, it is well past my bedtime us old folk have to get up early in the morning to keep the ends meeting. Good luck to all of you who are having trouble with your parents. I hope that my speaking out helps them realize that no matter how crazy it sounds they need to support you (their children) at anything they decide to do. :) God Bless

Helen Ann Clauder

To The Parents Whom Don't Support Us....

Hey To all you parents out there. If you have read my mom's article about this you all know how I got my two sons. At first my mom thought I was crazy too. I think I kinda scared her into it because I have always wanted a real baby. And I would tell her over and over again I did. I would always have my neices and Nephew when I got the chance to have 'em and I practically raised my little neighbor boy. I have been around babies all my life and I guess that is why I want one so bad because I know I would make the greatest mom. And then my nieces, nephews, and that little neighbor boy grew and now I don't have the time to spend with that little boy. And my mother knew I was getting lonesome for a baby because I was always talking about the neonates and the BTIO I had in high school and she didn't want me and my boyfriend at the time to get pregnant, she knew I would try. So she got me my son Jaysun. She realized that if I were responsible enough to know I don't have the money for a baby, she knew I really wasn't wanting anything but a doll off neonates and she didn't see anything wrong with it after she thought it over carefully.

My point is that. My mother supports me and so does my father. He sometimes thinks I am nutz carrying around a "Doll" with me everywhere, but he is still there when I need someone to watch him or watever. He doesn't say anything negative about it and neither does mom. They are proud of me for being so mature and knowing that I still have to finish my college and get a good job and a husband before I have a baby and they are proud of me for that. And they see now that the "Doll" is helping me be happy with what I have and I don't beg for a real baby every night before I go to bed. All those parents who don't support their children/child's decision about these "dolls" I believe is wrong. Yes, to you it may look funny but to us who wish to have real babies so bad they are from heaven. Without these babies most of us would all be pregnant by now. I know I would be, to be honest. I mean, it's kinda like your daughter dating someone you don't like and is the town baddy or something you know and no one likes it but it really don't matter what anyone else thinks about him and her because she is in love with him and she is going to do it anyways because it isn't everyone else's relationship it is their's. So if you feel embarrassed about your daughters or sons even, just not to be sexist, then you need to refer back to what I just said about the boyfriend thing. Just because you don't aprrove and just because people may think it's odd. I bet the strangers would be admiring your child for doing this :) I know a lot of people have been so amazed that I carry around Jaymee and not just go out and get pregnant. They look up to me. Well I need to be going. I hope this helps. Thanks :)

Lisa Helen Clauder

I've always loved baby dolls, real babies and little children. When I was sixteen years old I found out about neonates. That was in May 2001. My mom said she would not buy me such an expensive doll, so I had to save up ALL my allowance for four months. My mom also thought that I would have fun with the doll for just a week or so, and then I'd leave it and regret I spent all those money of it. But she was wrong. After saving up money and considering if I really should buy the baby doll, for four months, I still had no doubts. So I got my little Nadine in September 2001.

It's been 18 months and she's still the most valuable "thing" I own! I wanted to get her because I love taking care of babies, but I didn't know anyone with babies around where I live, and the Neonates dolls are so lifelike. So it was mainly just for fun, but now caring for Nadine is also good practice for when I have my own children one day. My mom loves Nadine now; I've actually caught her talking to her as if she were real! And my dad doesn't mind. Even my sister, who thought I was completely nuts for having a doll at age 16, now can't resist her. She even feeds Nadine, rock her and change her diaper when it's needed! So my family thinks that as long as it makes me happy it's just fine caring for dolls! And my mom has understood that my love for dolls has nothing to do with "not growing up". She understands that it's a passion, just like some have a passion for cars, some for animals etc. Loving dolls isn't any different! And I'm not any different from other people. I have LOTS of friends, I've got the cutest, kindest boyfriend ever, I do very well at school and I consider myself as a very, very fortunate girl. But, only my closest family know about Nadine. I'm scared that people won't understand, and I'm not willing to take that chance yet. But I hope that someday I will be brave enough to stand up and show the world my wonderful baby dolls!

Hi, my name is Tammy I am 24 years old just about to turn 25. I LOVE DOLLS!!! Dolls are made so lifelike now. The way I see it is that I do not do drugs, smoke, or get into any type of trouble. What is the problem with loving a doll? At least I am not out getting myself pregnant and have the state help me to take care of my child that I cannot afford to take care of. I feel that my baby dolls are practice for the real thing. My family totally supports me and my love for dolls. They even buy me babies. It makes me happy knowing my family wants me to be happy. I love my family to death for their support and understanding. Too bad more people don't understand. That is why I am speaking out! I hope more people read this and will not be afraid to love a doll. I am so glad that I do not have to be afraid to take my babies anywhere. If anything I get a lot of good attention. There are lots of people like me (many different ages) who love their baby dolls. At one point in my life I thought I was too old to love a doll but that changed quickly. I realized I wasn't so happy. I enjoy taking my babies to the store. People are afraid of being teased, but you know I have not been teased yet. I have had nothing but positive feedback from people all around. I have found more people out there that just love dolls but was afraid to admit it. If there was more people like us that would admit there love for dolls maybe there wouldn't be so much hate and crime. I think everyone should be able to show their feelings about anything. As long as it isn't hurting anyone, what does it matter?!!! Again, I want to say that I LOVE DOLLS! I am very proud to say it so I do have to say it again, "I LOVE DOLLS!" Boy that just makes me feel so good! Now go ahead, admit it, you love a doll too! It is OK! I am sure at one point in your life you loved a doll! Remember that?! Now why did you stop loving your baby? What happened to it? Don't you just wish you could hold it now? It's OK, you don't have to be afraid! YOU are not alone. Have a great day!

A Doll Lover,

I've always loved children and it's the main reason why I think I played with my dolls so much as a child.
When I got to take home Baby Think It Over in Grade 10 for the Thanksgiving weekend, I was so excited. I loved every minute of it. The doll was so realistic and I liked the learning experience. Ever since then I've wanted one of my own but the company at the time only sold to schools. So I found out about Neonates and got an electronic neonate before they stoped making them.
She's so cute and so realistic and makes me happy.
Some people may think it's weird that I'm 22 and "play" with a doll. But this type of doll is for older people, to teach them about parenting, responsibility and so on. I think it's mature for us to have these babies instead of having a real baby we are not ready for. When we are ready we will already know what to expect and be more use to it then we would have been if we didn't have the doll at all.
I have had the privillage to take my baby out a few times and it was such a fun experience. I didn't get any negative comments at all. In fact everyone loved Hayley. They would at first think she was real and if they got close enough to see she wasn't they were so taken up with her and how relaistic she looks. These baby dolls bring smiles to people. They are comforting as well. There is no law that says you have to stop doing certain things after a certain age. Everyone is different and unique and has different interests. These babies don't harm anyone. There is nothing bad or wrong with it. I could be doing worse things. I could be doing drugs or drinking or having sex, but I'm not.
Because these dolls are put together so nicely and and very delicate, there is no way I'd give one to a child to play with anyway.
There is no age limit on things. Life is short. Live it up while you can. Have fun, be yourself and do what makes you happy. My family may think I'm weird (I wish they wouldn't cause family is the most important) but I don't care what strangers think (though everyone so far loves the babies). These dolls bring more positive feedback than negative. I truely believe these dolls would be the next craze like Furbys and Tamagotchis (adults played with them) but because they are so much money not many buy them. So don't call us weird. Call us responsible! :P

I have been a doll collector all my life. I love dolls. Especially baby dolls...and the more realistic looking and feeling the baby doll is the more I like it...I am 27 years old and have always wanted to have a baby...but I realize that I cannot afford to have a real baby so I collect realistic baby dolls...they will have to do until I have a real baby of my own...My neonates dolls are among my favorite. They are the most realistic looking baby dolls I have seen. sometimes I take my neonates out with me. And everytime I do it's a possitive experience...I have taken them to the nursing home where my grandma lives. The people there just loved them. Most of the people couldn't get over how real the dolls felt and brought so much joy to these if you think I am stupid for having dolls then so be it. My dolls make me happy and they also help bring happiness to others. I choose to collect dolls and I always have...all my life while my friends were out wasting their money on candy and cheap toys that would break easily.. I was saving my money for a doll...and now that my friends and I are older I choose to spend my money on dolls. A lot of my friends choose to spend their money on drugs and alcohol. I think dolls are a lot better than drugs and alcohol. First of all having a doll in your possesion will not get you will not kill you or cause brain damage...Also some of my friends became parents at a young age and had to drop out of school and get welfare to support themeselves and their children...some of these people are still on welfare to this day. I however once again chose dolls. and I am proud to say that I never had to drop out of school..I graduated college and I have a job and support myself....and therefore I believe that if you think I am crazy or not cool then so what..I'd rather "play" with dolls then end up doing something stupid to myself or someone else because I took drugs or had alcohol....

It's not crazy for us to treat our dolls like real babies! The only difference between us and the "normal" people are that they lack the motherly instinct. Deep inside of us we have that want for a child and rather than get pregnant right away we turn to our wonderful dolls.

There are different types of families as you all know. But, we are a special and unique family. Because we all have a special gift and that is to love unconditionally. The most special kind of people are the ones who love dolls. They are compassionate, forgiving, understanding, loving, caring and sensitive to even some of the most difficult people to be around in our own separated lives. These are all qualities that God has placed within each one of us. And Cynthia is right in seeking God because He is the total healer for abuse victims and can heal and restore you if you just call on Him. Keep the faith and seek God as your source and healer. He has never failed me and he will never fail you either. It is the devil that is here to kill, tear down and destroy, it does not come from God. Put the blame where it is due. Love your babies and be that special person inside that God has made you to be and communicate and share with those who share the same passion for dolls that you do. We are all here to love, support and give you a shoulder to vent on. It's ok! WE ARE FAMILY! AND A SPECIAL ONE AT THAT! GOD BLESS each and every one of our members.
Sincerely in Christ,