What This Club Has Done For Members

As president of this club I decided to ask the group one day how this group has helped them and here is what some members said...

Besides the great friends I have made, this group has given me more courage to take my babies into public and to have fun buying clothes for them and redressing them and taking pictures...also the members of this group have helped me to get past my problem of worrying about what others will think of me if I do something that is not "normal"...LOL!


I love this group! And it has helped me overcome the fear of other peoples' opinions and views about me liking a "doll".  I still don't take her out as much because I'm still not brave enough too. lol. Ur braver then I am. I took her to my cousin Jan's; home and had fun!! But aunt Rickie kept telling me I was scaring her!!!!!!!!! I told her I love dolls and didn't see the harm in taking her out once in awhile. I'm glad I'm not alone in my love of dolls!!!!


Yes this group has helped me a lot! I went out and bought a car seat for Jordan for when I get my drivers license so I can take him out more. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only person that loves dolls/babies.


I have gotten a lot from this group. Besides the best friends, and long chats, I have gotten tons of prayer and support, courage to go out and show my babies and tell the world about them. I have also learned so much about different cultures and different parts of the world. I have also grown in my faith and became more brave about speaking about Christ. God bless you.....


Mary Kate,

Well you are definitely not alone in your love for dolls, but isn't it comforting to know we have support of others? I don't know what I did without this group before I found it!  It's been a blessing.


I have learned that there are other people that love dolls.  I am not alone in this.  I also  have learned to care less about what others think of me.  If not for this group, I would not be blessed with 3 neonates and a real care.  I learned that my affection is better spent on a doll than on drugs, alcohol, or evil living.  I have also learned that sharing this love with others, helps it to grow.  Everyone needs a doll. :)