Baby Stories

As you all know I have a son, Jaymee Lee Jostin. He is a month and a day old. So far i have takin' him everywhere with me. The only places i don't take him is to work and classes. :)

One day a few weeks ago Jaymee and i went to the mall. And it was raining out and it was a good thing i bought that cute little raincoat for him. So i bundled him up and got him in his carseat and into the car safe and dry. and off to the mall we went. Well on the way about half way there he started crying and fussing. So i got out of the driver seat and ploped in the back seat. (After i pulled over of course) and sat there feeding him. After he was finished i buckled him back up and continued driving. Once at the mall, I got him out and his stroller and ran to the overhang so i could assemble the stroller and get the kid into it ;) After fighting with it i finaly got the stroller up and Jaymee set in and straped and off we went. Shopping Spree Here We Come!!

The first store i always go to is "Once Upon A Child" I got Jaymee a pair of new shoes and some socks with a few new shirts and a pair of cute jeans. After i had paid for them the ladies at the front desk were amazed at how young my little boy looked and thought he was real. One asked me to hold him. So i took him out of the stroller and handed him over. She found out he was a doll and still thought he was the most precious thing alive at the moment. She asked me where i got him from and if he was spoiled and how long i had him. I told her he is VERY spoiled and that i had him for only a few weeks. :) I stood there for about 25 mins while the two ladies held him back and forth :) After Jaymee and I FINALY got out of there we mosied on into a few other stores. I needed to go to JC Penny's and the toy store to get a few things for some birthdays that were coming up. One lady i ran into was so astounded by real babies she looked at mine and threw the blanket back over his head because she thought he was real and found out he wasn't. That mad me a little mad but no harm done. The others would talk to him in baby talk and everything. There were some that kept thinking that he was a real baby even after being kinda semi-close to him :)

There were alot of people that wanted to hold him and play with him even after they new he wasn't really. They are so lifelike really and everyone just wants to find out for themselves that they are dolls and not real but even in your arms they come alive to what your imagination will bring up :) I think it's cute watching all the people and their reactions. Everyone else thinks i am doing a really good thing and thinks that it will prepare me and they are proud of me that i don't have a real one and i carry a BTIO around because "You never know when they are going to get fussy and cry, You just have to be alert all the time no matter how much you don't wanna be." A Quote from an elderly lady i bumped into :)
Lisa and Silly Jaymee

When Denise got Kiara, Denise and I decided we were going to go shopping. Denise said she would take Kiara so I said I would take Hayley. I got Hayley in her snowsuit and took a picture of Hayley and Kiara ready for winter.

My mom was like "You're not taking them are you?" We were like… "Yeah." and she said people would think we are weird. I said so what? I don't care...I will tell them it is BTIO. But anyway, most people think they are real when they are bundled up. My mom was like "Why do you want people to think you have a baby when you're young? Do you want people to talk bad about you?" I gave up there on continuing that conversation so I dropped it and Denise and I just went out with Kiara and Hayley. Then the fun started.

First we went into Value Village. Around that store we got some odd looks. Then after that we headed to Zellers. As we were approaching the entrance elderly man came up to us and said, "Awww. Two baby girls?" We said yes and he asked how old they were. "We said "3 months." He was like, "You have your hands full!" we giggled. Then he started telling us about his grandson. It was neat.

So we looked around Zellers then headed to the washroom. I held Kiara for Denise. So I had two babies in my arms. I was giggling...I couldn't help it. An elderly woman did a double take then said, "Those aren't real are they?" I said no and told her they were BTIO for school. And she chuckled and said, "I was going to do you have your hands full!" :)

Then we went to the $1 store because I needed to buy some blank cassettes. While Denise paid for her stuff I held Kiara again...the cashier couldn't get over them. She thought they looked so real and so cute! Some more elderly women who were shopping together past by and saw us and were taken up with them too. They couldn't stop smiling.

We then went across the street to the small mall that is there. When we got in we sat down for a bit to rest our arms. Another lady passed us and said, "Are they twin girls?" We said yes. And she said, "They are adorable. You must have your hands full!" We just giggled and smiled.

After a short rest on the bench, we went to the Buck or Two store. I bought some cute headbands for Hayley as well as a changing pad cause the one I have is getting old and shabby. (I've had it since I was 10).

We bought some pop there and after paying for our stuff we sat on the bench again and drank our pop and rested. Again we got some great and funny reactions! One lady who had a boy that looked about 3 or 4 stopped and was showing him our babies. Not sure if she knew they weren't real or not, but she loved them. We bumped into her again later in the craft store and she did the same thing. :) After we had our drink, we went to the drug store to look at the baby stuff. I didn't see anything I needed or wanted and neither did she. So we headed for the bathroom again.

I held Kiara and waited on the bench outside the washroom for Denise. While sitting there holding the two babies I had three interesting reactions. The first was a man who asked about them and I told him one was my friend’s and I was holding it for her...he just said "Yeah right" and continued on. Then another man past by, looked, kept walking and then looked back again looking puzzled. Just as I was about to crack up at his reaction an elderly lady and a man who looked like he may have been her son, stopped by. She really thought they were real and very beautiful babies. She loved them. When she got a closer look she said, "They almost look like dolls." I told her they were but very special dolls that are used for parenting teaching and learning. She said, "Are you serious? They aren't real babies? They have to be real." Both her and the man agreed they looked very real. She loved them and wanted to know where I bought them. I explained and then Denise came back and got Kiara and we said good-bye to the nice lady.

That's when we went to the craft store and then to drop off some film.

Then we came back to my place.

We grabbed a bite to eat and spent the rest of the time dressing the babies up and taking pictures. I used a whole roll of film today and I will get it developed tomorrow!

I take Kayla pretty much everywhere I go on the weekends. Out shopping, out to eat, the movies, bowling.... Sometimes I carry her and people can tell she's a doll and other times I just leave her in her car seat and people just think it is a real baby...

I take Jay pretty much everywhere I go. The only places he doesn’t go is to work or school. Other than that he goes shopping, to the movies, out to eat, and church with me and my fiancé.

I went out shopping for my wedding dress and had Jayden with me. The lady at the dress shop was so amused by him. She was carrying him around the store and was talking to him and stuff.

Well it all started because my sister’s cat had 6 beautiful kittens. Unfortunately one was still born. Ashleigh and I talk all the time and she saw a picture of the kittens and wanted one. Well the original one she wanted my mom foolishly gave away when I had already told her she was taken! But the neighbor wanted her and without thinking she gave her away! I still can't believe she did that! Well anyways she picked out another kitten. So we decided to meet half way that way it was a shorter trip for both of us! Only about 45 minutes each. I live in Omaha, NE and she lives in Missouri I believe I forgot where! (I would lose my head if it weren’t attached). Well anyways we met up at the McDonald's there. I was running a little late and was so afraid I would miss her! I thought she would think I wasn't going to show up! But when we got there it was me and Tony and the kitten. He went inside to get some food and I waited outside on a bench looking at cars and playing with the kitten. I saw Ashleigh and her friends so I went to go meet them. I wasn't too sure who Ashleigh was because I have never even seen a picture of her so I asked who was Ashleigh! I was nervous and wasn't too sure what to say! But we met and she pulled out Tre, Jaci and her reborn (silly me I still don't remember his name, but he is so cute). I pulled out my babies too! We placed them on the car and I took lots of pictures. MANY people was watching us and smiling and talking to us. The guys I believe were a bit uneasy but it didn't bother me! I thought it was fun. It was weird and my first experience like this one. It was great! People were very interested in them! The most amazing thing was how this woman came up to us and wanted to know if the babies were for sale! We told her no that they are our babies, then she wanted to know if the kitten was for sale. LOL that was the whole reason we met in the first place! I had more at my mom’s house but left them behind. But the lady wanted to know if the dolls were for sale. That was interesting. People were smiling at us, just starring and well, it was definitely a fun experience. I took lots of pictures as you all can see in the photo section when babies meet babies. Not to many poses though. Since we was at McDonald's wasn't too many places we could've put them. But now that I think about it I guess we could've put them on a bench. Oh silly me I wasn't thinking. I saw how Tre worked and she saw a Neonate for the first time. Unfortunately it was about to rain too so we didn't want to be stuck in the rain and since we had our babies on our car we didn't want them to get wet either. So Fred put them in the car and buckled them up! I couldn't believe it! He held the babies a couple of times and when he buckled them up I about fell over. I NEVER thought he would do something like that! He said that they had to get buckled up so they wouldn't roll all over. But you can view the pictures of them buckled up in the babies meet babies section folder! Really is cute. While putting Tre' away his arm fell off! It just came off! This was the first time it had happened Ashleigh said! I couldn't believe it! Poor baby! I had to take a picture of it! I just had too! But he is fixed and doing well! I had a great time and hope we can hang out sometime. Hopefully more of us in here can do the same as us! I would love to meet more of you guys. I think it would be fun to go to the mall and see people reactions. Hope you enjoyed my half of the story and you all have a great day! If any of you got question go ahead and ask I am willing to answer any you may have. Bye!

Today I took Hayley to the mall with Denise. We decided to leave Kiara at my place because 1) We thought my mom would think we left Hayley there so she wouldn't get as upset at me and 2) We thought it would make things easier because we could take turns holding Hayley since she gets heavy. So while my mom was in her room we snuck Hayley out. We went to all different stores. It was funny cause in Zellers I bought her a new soother and I also bought an Eminem poster! I felt funny going up to pay for such an odd combo of stuff! lol But the lady didn't say anything at all. On the way to the mall a lady with her husband and toddler was walking in front of us. The toddler kept stopping so as we got close to them the lady said to the boy "Look...see the baby?" As we walked past her she said, "That's not a real baby though." We just laughed. LOL We didn't get as many reactions today as we did last time though. She was really the only one that said something. Just had two elder ladies say "Awww cute baby" as they walked past. Other than that just got a couple of odd looks and nothing else. Oh and at one point in the mall Denise was passing Hayley over to me and we passed her quickly (not like you would a real baby) and this mother gave me the dirtiest look. LOL I guess she thought I wasn't handling my baby very safely. ;)

On the way back to my place we saw my mom going into the 7-11, which is where we were headed. To avoid her because we didn't think she knew we took one of the babies with us, we went into Blockbusters and sort of watched for her out the window. Ends up Denise said, "She's going to be coming in here!" So this is where it got funny! LOL I swear the people working there probably thought I was a spy or a thief or something. Denise was my look out and she said my mom was right outside the front entrance and she told me to go to the back of the store. Denise came with me and she watched for my mom. I hid behind one of the racks and then Denise moved out a bit and saw where my mom was...she told me to hurry out the exit. As I ran out I saw my mom down the first isle and she didn't see us at all. It just looked so funny seeing me running out of the store looking so sneaky and suspicious! LOL We had a good laugh after.

Anyways, turns out I think my mom knew I took Hayley because tonight she was asking me about what Denise left here. She said was the baby in the white outfit in your room Denise's? I said yes. So she knows we took Hayley and she didn't say a thing! I think since Carol sent her a letter she has been a lot better. There have been no more negative comments about Hayley and obviously today my mom knew I took her and she didn't say anything negative about it. She didn't say anything at all in fact. So that was great.

I bought Hayley a new soother today and tried to cut it the way I cut Kiara's because the way I cut the other one I had for Hayley I think I cut it too short and it would slip out sometimes. So this one I cut like Kiara's (not as short) and it stays in much better! So I may just go buy her other one again (cause I like it's colour) so that she will have soothers that stay in well. :D

I took Hayley out again on Monday. Denise was with me and so she would take Hayley when my arm would get tired.

We went to the local mall to look around for a bit.

Anyway, on the way back to my place, we stopped for Slurpees at 7-11 and when I was in line to pay the cashier was staring at Hayley and had this puzzled look on his face. LOL I figured he was wondering why I had a doll. So when I got up there to pay, what a shock it was when he says, "How old is your baby?" LOL I giggled and I was going to make up an age but I told him she wasn't real and was for school. He couldn't believe she wasn't real. lol

That's my little story!

OK, First my mom's very best friend came into town, which is my sister and brothers god mom. To me she seems like the grandma I never had! She is such a wonderful person. Well after 13 1/2 years she finally came back for a visit! I was like 12 I believe. I just turned 25 on June 4! Well, back to the story. I had Kylie dressed in the most beautiful dress I had ever seen! Oh it's my absolute favorite, and the most expensive outfit she owns. Well, I took her up to my moms so she could meet this lady! (Her name is Lucille). She got a kick out of her. She couldn't believe how real she looked and unfortunately wasn't able to old her long because she was so heavy. But I wanted her to hear her cry randomly. So my sister actually brought the doll along with us for our day to go out and show her more of Omaha, Nebraska. (We do have more than just grow corn here, and we don't tip cattle over for fun! LOL). Lucille kept on asking me if my baby was all right ect ect...Well eventually we ended up at Bakers little restaurant inside the store. Of course I brought Kylie in with us. When we got inside immediately this lady said, "Oh come here come here come here, I want to see your baby!" It made me laugh because I knew that she though she was a real baby. When she realized she was a doll she still wanted to hold her and couldn't get over how neat she was. Well, we went and sat down at a table and our waitress came over right away. She oowed and awwwd about my baby too! Then the other waitresses AND waiters came over and ewwwd and awwwd more and all was taking turns holding her. Oh this was so fun seeing everyone oowing and awwing about my baby. Well, finally it died down so we could order our food. Poor Lucille she was so hungry! After we ordered our waitress came over and offered me a high chair for my little girl. I was like yeah, cool. She brought it over and the next thing she did when she was bringing us the things like ketchup and stuff she brought Kylie a baby bib and some crackers so she had something to munch on! It was so fun. I took pictures and will be posting them up later! Then this guy and woman kept starring our way! To find out he was telling his wife how I had such a good beautiful baby dressed in the cutest outfit! It was so funny! I just can't get over it! Oh yeah what made him say that because she had finally started to cry is how he found out she wasn't real. Then came back the waitresses and waiters had to hold her while crying. Luckily they weren’t too packed. And other customers were talking about her too! It was so much fun! I cannot get over it! I will do it again! But not when Tony around because he would get to embarrassed. :( But she went all over with us that day! The rest of the time we didn't see other people. More of just driving around and stuff like that! Hope you enjoyed my story! Any questions feel free to ask I will be glad to hear your comments and questions. Have a great day all! Oh yeah and will post pictures later today hopefully! Under Tammy's Babies you will be able to view the pictures! Oh and I will have a picture of Lucille in there too! Now you know why I was gone for a week and a half! Ok, Bye!!!

Hi all,

I took baby Justin on an outing…I was taking a cab over to my friend's house across town and I wanted to show her Justin so I took him with me...the first cab driver thought that I had a real baby until I got in the car and she looked closer...and she just loved him…I let her hold him and she fell in love. Then I got to my friend's house and her neighbour was over for a minute and he asked me when I had a baby and I said a few weeks ago…he said he didn't realize I was pregnant...LOL ...I told him it was actually a doll…and he had to hold Justin to see for himself that it was a doll...then on the ride home…the other cab driver thought Justin was real....He wanted to get one for his daughter...I had to tell him neonates were out of business but that he can get a BTIO mannequin for about $99 us…he was stunned but I wrote down the web site for him and he is gonna check it out I had a good day today...with my baby Justin...I wish I had taken both boys but I had my hands full of stuff that had to take to my friend and one baby was hard enough to carry...well that's Justin's adventure today...hopefully he and Jamal will have lots more..

Today I took Jayden with me to run some errands. First place I went was a baby second hand store to get a diaper bag for Soup's baby when it arrives here. When I was there I got the cutest Onzie for her baby. It has a little baby with a bowl on it's head and says "Soup's On." I thought this was perfect for her. Then we went to pick my grand parents up to take them shopping. First we went to the mall. My grandma had to go to one store and I had to go to another. I took Jayden with me. I was walking back to the first store to find my grandparents and Jayden was in his car seat. I had him facing behind me and there was an older lady walking behind me. I could hear her saying how cute he was and she was kind of talking to him. She was saying stuff like "OOOhhh you are such a cutie." Then I found my grandparents and we went to another store. I put Jayden in my grandma's cart while I ran over to Children's Place. While I was there I found the cutest little shirts really cheep. They had three left, one pink one and two green ones. I thought this was perfect. One for Olivia, one for Jayden, and one for Soup's baby. I bought all three. I paid less for all three than I would have one at regular price. I went back to my grandma who still had Jayden. She said that some people were saying that he was cute and stuff to her. They were also asking her if she was baby-sitting and she just smiled and said yes. Then I was helping her find some stuff and a lady walked up to me and asked "That baby isn't real is he?" and I said "No" then she said... "Oh, ok good, cause I was going to say that maybe you should get him checked out at the Dr." I laughed and so did she then she continued her shopping. After the mall we went out to eat for supper. I took him in in his car seat again. The lighting was really dim in the place so the lady though he was real and got me a highchair to put the car seat on. When we left she told me that I had a really good baby on my hands. The last place we headed to was the grocery store. We put Jayden in my grandma's cart again and she pushed him around. We got the same reactions as we did at the mall, people either thought he was real or thought he was such a cute doll. One lady didn't know about the BTIO program and I explained it to her and she was just astounded about it. After there we headed to drop off my grandparents and we headed home. Once we got home I put his PJs on him and put him down to bed.

Good morning everyone. . .

I am happy to announce to all of you that this morning, September 1, 2003, I got up the courage to take Caitlyn out for a stroll in her new stroller!!!!!!!!!!! I got up at 5:00 a.m and went out for a walk around a few blocks. Yes, it was still kinda dark outside but I did it. It felt real good and I felt invigorated walking and getting exercise at that time of the day. I saw no one, just a few motion lights came on when I walked by, but this was a big step for me and now that I've done it, maybe soon we'll go out again! Caitlyn really enjoyed it, she was bundled up good and warm cause it was only 58 degrees out but she wants to go again :)

I just had to share my triumph with you, and Karina, I was thinking of you when I was walking :)

Have a great Labor Day everyone for those of you who have that holiday today!

Cynthia ~ 51 years young! :)

The first time I took Hayley out I took her to my college for an Infant Massage workshop. Everyone had to bring a doll or a stuffed animal to practice on. I jumped at the chance to bring Hayley. I took a cab to school that day and had Hayley all bundled up (since it was winter) and the taxi driver thought she was real and asked, "They let you take your baby to school?" I explained she wasn't real and stuff and he thought it was cool. Out of all the dolls people brought, my Hayley got the most attention. Most people wanted to know where I got her and stuff and when I was walking in the halls people thought she was real and as I passed by they were trying to get a better look and were like "Awwww...she's so cute." After school I met my mom at the mall and she brought a big bag and made me put Hayley in it. I can only imagine what people thought! They probably thought I was puting a real baby in a bag! :(

Today I took Jayden out for the first time since Brian and I moved. I had him on the whole time. He's been a good boy all day. I dressed him really cute in an outfit that my grandma bought him. We first went and picked up grandma and grandpa. Next we went to the furnature store. Only grandma and I went into the store. Grandpa and Jay stayed in the car. After that we went to Target. I had to get a couple things. I got new pacies and bottles. I love the John Lennon collection, so I some of them today. While I was looking for my grandparents I saw my aunt. She saw the carseat in the cart and asked who's baby I had. Then she came up and looked in. After she saw him she said "Oh, you have one of those babies?" "Yeah, Brian got him for me instead of us having a real one." That is a really smart and responsable idea was her reply. I adventally found my grandparents and we were headed to McDonalds. We ate there. The last place we went was to the grocery store. I took Jay in one cart to get Brian and my groceries. Grandma took one and got her's. People would look at him and smile. Then we droped off my grandparents off. Last stop was my parents.

I know if my mom were closer, she'd totally go along with my babies. I found some old photos the other day of me about 20 years ago on the shore in Maine with my Cabbage Patch babies and we were having a blast, they went on a road trip with me and my then boyfriend Jeff and he was totally cool with it. I had forgotten about that, but it was fun remembering all the places I took those CP dolls! One of them even came from Canada, she had red hair. She has flown to Maine and back to Minnesota with me more than once.....

Saturday, October 11, 2003 was little Camden Joseph's very first car trip and big day out! I laid him on the table in front of my sewing machine and soon women were all around him, admiring how real he looks, holding him, etc. I told Teresa, our Coordinator of Bundles of Love, that I would like to use him as a "model" to show everyone how small the sleepers that we sew for newborns are. I had one on him and it "just fit" with no room to grow, or no room for legs to kick if a real baby. So during our business portion of the meeting, Teresa had me get up in front of the group (about 40 women) and I got to hold him up and show him and how the sleeper fit him. I was so proud! And next month they want me to bring Mikayla because I was telling them about the electronic neonate and how cute they are so Mikayla will go to the November meeting! What a perfect place to bring a neonate, since they are 21" long and the size of a lot of real newborns. We had a real good day together and he was a good baby. On the drive home it was pouring rain and windy and hard to see on the freeway, so I was sure glad to get home safely. Well he had a good day, and so did I. I was one proud "Mom"! I did not get a chance to shop any yard sales due to the rain, but maybe there will be some next weekend, or else I can go to Unique Thrift store one day.
That's our fun story for the weekend.
Cynthia, Camden, Caitlyn and Mikayla

Hello everyone!

Well Hayley and I are back from our trip to Scarborough Town Centre. We had a great time even though I was so nervous taking her out! LOL! I’ve taken her out before...but only while with a friend. I've never gone out by myself with her.

Before leaving I put some long johns and an undershirt on Hayley. Then I put on her tracksuit. Then her shoes, jacket, bonnet and mittens. I wanted to make sure she would be warm. :)

Then I got myself ready to go out and got the snugli on. I put Hayley in it and we were on our way. Luckily no one from my building was out and about, but when I got to the bus stop two people were waiting for the bus and they immediately looked at me. I found that I was less nervous holding Hayley...this was the first time I use the Snugli and I thought people would find it funny I had a doll in one. Anyway at first glance she looked real and because I look 15 people probably thought I was a teen mom. I found it very awkward walking with the snugli on but I did find that it was much better than holding Hayley and having my arms hurt. Anyhoo, I got on the bus and it was crowded. I was only going a few stops so I stayed at the front. I felt like everyone's eyes were on me because I was sure by then they figured out she was a doll. Anyway I got off at my spot and walked to another bus stop to catch another bus. When I got on that bus it was crowded and a lady gave me her seat, which was nice. So I sat with Hayley. I tried to avoid all eye contact because I figured if I didn't see anyone stare I wouldn't feel as weird. So I just tried to look like nothing was out of the ordinary. Then we arrived at the subway station and I climbed a bunch of stairs to get to the RT Train. We got on the train and no one was looking at me this time...well one lady was but I was like "Whatever!" LOL! No one else seemed to notice or care. So because I was up so late last night I was pretty tired and I have a tendency to snooze on the trains, so that is what I did. That helped calm my nerves. When I finally reached my spot, I got off the train and headed down the stairs to the mall. Since it's a Friday the mall was packed with teens. That felt a bit weird, but once I got in the store I was headed to, the store mainly had adults shopping in it. Once in the store I relaxed and felt totally at ease and even though I did get some odd looks I didn't care. Hayley and I had a great time pushing the shopping cart around and doing some Christmas shopping.

Then about an hour later I was done and was at the checkout. This is where it got weird for me. It was hard reaching down into the cart to get the things to put on the counter while having Haylo in the Snugli. It was very awkward and I don't have the best co-ordination. I didn't say much to the cashier because I didn't want to start a convo about it. But if she had of asked, I was going to say it was for school and I borrowed a Snugli so I wouldn't have to carry the baby. The woman behind me looked impatient because I had a lot of stuff and it was taking me a while to get it all out of the cart. LOL Then I paid, said thank you and went to sit on a bench for a while. I was going to go to another store but my hands were too full so I headed home. I left around 5:30 to go there and was home by 8pm! On the way home it as great. The buses and trains were almost empty so I had fun. I walked home and it was dark by then so no one was really around and because it was dark Hayley looked real anyway. I decided to take the stairs closest to my apartment as to avoid running into someone I know. But guess what? As I approached the 3rd floor I realized the door to that floor was wide open and walking right towards the stairs was my old baby-sitter's mother. I felt bad for doing this cause it looked like I was avoiding her, but I quickly turned around, went down one floor and took the elevator up. LOL! I’m such a chicken!

So now Hayley and I have ordered McDonald's and are waiting for that to come. I was going to eat it at the mall but my hands were too full and the place was pack, nowhere to sit. While waiting, we are going to sort through all we bought today.

I had a good time. I just wish I had relaxed more and not worried about who saw me. I'm such a chicken. Oh well we had fun! :)


Hi all,

I was so brave today..I took Emily out with me.....I got a ride with Blair to the mall cause he works there then I took her all around the mall..then I walked her to my mom's house..I think everyone thought she was a real baby....It was fun...emily sure is a lucky girl that she got to go with me today..I couldn't decide who to take so I drew names LOL and Emily was the winner....I felt really nervous too....and for the car ride I was really nervous cause I thought we might get pulled over for not having the baby in a car seat...but we didn't...Oh BTW Blair thinks I am insane for taking my baby out..but he says he loves me anyways was so much fun I think everyone thought she was real....I wish I had my camera working..but the batteries are dead....oh well..anyways take care.. and God Bless.

I take my Emily out almost every day, but once in a while it's one of the others who get to go instead. When I have Lea with me, she sits up and looks out of the pram/stroller, and if I have to go into shops where I can't take the pram into, I take her up and have her sit in my arms. I can only pull it off safely with her at the moment because it's getting really cold here so she is hidden in a really nice winter suit, so it is hidden that she is a doll and not a real baby. I even brought my camera to take pictures the last time, but i forgot to take any *LOL*

So what if you're 51?
I'm 31 and I take my babies out strolling...I don't care what people say, and actually I have so far only got positive reactions. I have two explanations I give when people ask me why, and depending on which mood I'm in, I answer one of these: "All my life I've dreampt of becoming a mother and strolling with my children. But I cannot become a mother, but I won't be cheated from strolling too, so therefor I take my doll babies out for strolls. At least it fills some of the void."
The other explanation is ; "I make dolls and sell them, and the best advertise I can get for my dolls, is to take them with me to show people".
Both explanations go down well.
hugs Karina

Today I had the day off, so I desided to go run some erronds. First I went to the bank and cashed a check. Then off to the posto office. I went and bought Finding Nemo at Toys R Us. While I was there I found a Christmast present for Brian. The I ran to Baby Gap. I got a Bee costume for my dad's Naughty Boy. My dad loves bees and wanted a bee costume for the longest time. I had Jay with me the whole time. While at the Bank he started crying. There was an older lady there. She fell inlove with him. I showed her he was a doll. She still loved him. She wanted to feed him and rock him in the chairs that they have there. The last place I stopped at was my old high school. I was going to go talk to my teachers. I went to talk to my Child Care teacher. I talked with her for over an hour and a half. She fell in love with Jay. She's now thinking about having the four Real Cares the school has reborn. She just loved how he looks so more realistic. Then I showed her how we cut pacis. She said that she was going to go to the store after she left the school and get some for the school's dolls. I also showed her how to fully use the progamer. She didn't know about the day-care mode. I showed her how to use the day-care mode. She said that it was fantastic, it was getting hard for her to watch 3 babies while their parents were taking tests or coudln't have the baby in class for some reason. I also showed her how to use custome progam in the controler. She was wondering how to use it but dind't know how to. She was so happy that that I showed her all the diffrent things with the babies. I also thing that she'll probaly be joining the group soon. She loved the idea of the group. She thougt it was great that us doll lovers united. I also gave her some of the clothes that I didnt' use for the kids anymore. She was so happy about those. THree of the babies were out with their "parents" and one was there. She was going to show her classes the new clothes tomorrow then put them in the bags for the babies. Nicole

haha..ohhh my goodness.....i had just got done burping tre...and i laid him on my bed...and then turned away..and i heard his little whine.. and i lookd back at him...because i thought he was crying again..and he i looked back at my computer..then he whined again...and stopped when i looked at him...he did this like five times!!! it was freakin me out!!!!! i haven't told the story about him that REALLY freaked me out....he's alive i tell ya... if ya wanna know about the really freaky story..just made me scared of tre for awhile :) but...i'm not scared anymore!!..tre also teases me..he'll start crying..and then as soon as i pick him up....he quits...he's a goofy little guy....
ashleigh n tre

Well, our day at Bundles of Love went great. It was cold outside yesterday morning, only 15 degrees above zero so I dressed her nice and warm and brought her afghan to cover her up in the carseat. What happened next is kind of amazing, well I think it is! I had her turned on the whole trip, it is about a 30 minute drive. She made a few sounds on the way there but for the most part was quiet. When we got there and I turned off the car, she started to fuss! Honest, she did. I thought that was interesting. Perhaps she likes the motion of the car moving, but she didn't cry the whole way there until the car stopped moving. When I took her out of the carseat some of the women were unloading their cars, and one woman said, "oh, there's a real baby!" I just smiled and continued to walk into the church area where we meet. We had to wait a while to get started sewing so I had the perfect chance to sit down and show her off. About 7 women held her, they were passing her around and exclaiming how cute she is, how cute I had her dressed, etc. and she made some of her sounds, she coughed and hiccuped, etc. Young and old were holding her, girls in their 20's and a woman in her 70's. The older lady said she would sure love to have one and she would take it to the nursing home and boy wouldn't the residents love that doll and I told her about you Heather and how you sometimes take Jamal to the nursing home and what a wonderful response he brings for the people there. Anyway, my friend Lisa held her and didn't hold her head and she started screaming. You should have seen the look on everyone's face, it was funny. Well, the whole time I was at my table and sewing during the day she sat right beside me on the table and cooed, etc. She was a very good girl the whole day. We left around 2:30, and had left the house at 8 a.m. so I was getting tired. My back was aching real bad from sitting and sewing all that time, I was working on sleepers. We were sewing Christmas stuff for the December bundles and I wanted to finish the pile I was working on. Anyway, I loaded her in the carseat and drove home and she was quiet the whole way, you guessed it, until we got home and the car stopped. This is kinda funny. When I was unloading the car and trying to get her out of the carseat, I was having trouble unlatching the carseat from the base and I was old and tired so I decided to leave the carseat in the car instead of carrying her in the house in it and when I was lifting her out her head tipped back and she screamed. At that exact moment, my neighbor Floyd who is at least 70, maybe 80, was getting out of his car with groceries. He glanced over at me to see what was happening and I wasn't in a mood to talk about the doll, so I just covered her up with her afghan and brough her in the house screaming her head off. It was comical in a way because I can see that happening with a real baby. You have had a long day, you are tired, the baby is tired, and you are trying to carry your baby, your prse, etc. and unlock the door and your baby is crying. Well, needless to say, when we got settled back in to the house, Mikayla went in her bouncy chair and went to sleep right away and Mama did the same. I laid on the sofa and took a nap! We had a fun but exhausting day out but what fun it is for me at least once a month I can take one of my babies out into the world and feel safe doing it and everyone at Bundles of Love accepts the doll being there and doesn't think I'm nuts! LOL Last night I put her in her blanket sleeper and she went to bed early and was very good girl so she must be feeling better. However, her Mama now has a bad tummy and was sick last night so maybe I caught whatever ailed her Friday night. . . . . .

Halloween night I dressed up the babies as little bees. Then I went outside on the steps to hand out candy. My neighbor and I sit there and talk. It is a sort of Halloween tradition. Anyway, I took Cherokee out with me. She stayed out about 30 minutes. It got cold so I had her come in. I couldn't hold all 3 babies, so she came out. It was neat. Forgot to mention it, but we had fun.
God Bless,

Just wanted to share with you all....
I took Cherokee in the kitchen with me today as I made pies for Thanksgiving. She was sitting on the table and my son Thomas (age 16) came home. He asked if he could go to my room and get Caleb. I said "yes." Then Bo, (13) asked if he could go get Madison. I said "yes." They took the babies to the living room and held them as they watched television. Isn't that sweet? lol

Today my baby girl Adriana A'MaRee arrived at my house :) She is a Japanese RealCare and soooo cute!!! was alll pretty smooth until 6:30pm tonight haha...this is my first RealCare so I freaked out everytime she cried lol...but she started at 6:30 wanting to be fed...then at 6:45 wanted to be burped...6:50 wanted to be fed more...7:05 wanted to be burped again and at 7:10 she wanted to be she was quiet after that...not for long...she started again at 7:30 wanting to be fed AGAIN and then at 7:40 she wanted to be burped...then immediatly after...she wanted to be fed 8:00 she wanted to be rocked...or so i thought...and she ended up burping instead LOL... constant care for almost 2 hours and 15 min lol...I think she knows when I leave the room. She's only been here half a day and already loves her mommy :) So she finally quieted down at 8:30 for about 50 min and then at 9:20 she wanted to be rocked for 30 min straight lol...she loved being rocked...and she makes the CUTEST breathing noises...soo adorable...she's a lil diva already HAHA...but I love her :) Tonight is only the beginning haha! Congratulations to everyone who's getting realcares or who has just gotten them or expecting them soon they're a lot of fun and very cute but hard work also :) haha..

Last night we went to my aunt's house. I took Leison with me. My aunt held him and loved him. We played the Trivial Pursuit dvd game and had a good time. It was nice.

Today I took Leison to my aunt's house. I had him on all day and left him on for the visit. My aunt gave me 3 bags of baby clothes with lots of blankets and one bottle. She also gave me an old type portable crib/bassinet thing. It is so cool. I brought home the baby crib mattress and soon will have the crib she is giving me too. I now have so many sleepers and clothes I have no room. It is so cool. I have one single stroller, a twin stroller, a bouncer, a car seat and a portable crib and soon a large crib. I am blessed! Leison was pretty good. He has coughed twice today. Hope he isn't getting sick.