Baby Stories

Today I took Jaiden to church with me. My best friend, who is the godmother to Jaiden and Kayden, was holding her. Some of the ladies were asking whose baby it was and though I was lying when I said it was fake! They all loved her so much. I was so excited and happy. No one thought I was weird for having her cause she is so real. My mom was telling them all about Kayden too. He has gone with me too but no one really thought much of it. Then the nursery workers took Jaiden to the back so I could be in church. They said she was a very good girl....God bless you all and have a great day!

Everyone just loves it when I bring in one of my babies to church...I usually don't take a baby to church often cause I have to take care of the children and they do crafts and have glue and markers and stuff so I am too worried to take a baby in case something happens....somedays when I know I only have the good children I take a baby and each child takes a turn holding the baby while I read the lesson.

Yesterday Brian and I desided to go to a movie. I told him I wanted to bring one of the babies but let him pick the one out. Well he went and picked out Zoey. So we took Zoey to Scary Movie 3. After the movie started I took her out of her car seat and him and I cuddled her during the movie. After the movie he dropped me off at my parents so I could get some stuff done. When he went home he took Zoey up to the appartment and took her out of her car seat. He came and picked me up after I was finished. Well, when we got home we desided to watch tv in the bed, so I went and got Zoey. I layed her on him and he started to cuddle her. He won't admit it now, but he was cuddling her. I wish I had my camera at the moment in time. He was watching football and talking to her too. After a little I asked him if he realized what he was doing and he was like "What?!?! I wasn't doing anything."

Today was my aunt's mentally challenged brother's birthday. The boys and I took the babies with us. They were all so cute. It was hectic, but nice. My aunt's sister held Madison. My son Thomas carried Caleb around on his shoulders. I held Leison and Cherokee. It was nice. We also took our dog Pinky. She loves to ride in a car! Just thought I would share.
God Bless,

My Japanese baby, Julianna had her first outing today. First I walked about a block or so with her to meet my parents at the chruch to help get things ready for tommorrow. Our pastor and another lady were there and they just fell in love with Julianna. Then later on I took her to the mall. I had to pick up Blair from work and I didn't want to leave Julianna in the car. I figured she looks so real I might get in trouble for leaving my baby alone in the car into the mall she went with me. Blair's co-worker saw her and asked where I ever got such a realistic looking doll. I told him I got her from ebay...LOL...he said he would love to get one for his sister but I told him Neonates are out of business and wished him luck in getting one for his sister. All in all I think Julianna enjoyed herself and so did I.

As you may or may not know, today is Skyler's birthday. He had his little party on Wed. night, but today he spent a speical day with mommy and daddy. We took him out to eat at Wendy's. He got a "big boy" meal. He was so happy because he got a stuffed Cliffard the Big Red Dog. Afterwards, we took him to the mall. He looked around, but wanted mommy and daddy to save their money. He's hoping that Jayden and him can get something bigger together. He really wants to get a walker. After the mall we went to Walmart. He helped mommy pick out a Valentine's day card for daddy. Right now he's watching TV with mommy while sitting on daddy, who's sleeping. He's on cloud 9 with all the attention. I let him stay up late since he's a "big boy." Don't worry it's just for tonight. At 10 he's going to bed.

Just wanted to share with you all that yesterday my friend Jennifer and I were eating at a cool restaurant, Chickadee Cottage. Next to our table was a group of women, around 8 or so of all ages. One of them was holding a "baby". Now that Jen is pregnant, I have babies on the brain so I was kinda looking over at their table every once in a while. Then I realized it was a BTIO! I was so excited because it's the first time I've ever seen one out in public. The girl had her for school. When they left she put her in a carseat and covered her up with a blanket just like you would with a real baby. I told them I have a neonate, which is like BTIO except for the electronic part, etc. It was fun to see.

I was at our local Goodwill today looking for car seats (they had some nice ones but none of them has the straps) and I had Noah with me, well a bunch of the people in there came up and started talking to me and asking me questions. So I answered what I could and then told them they could find there own on ebay. One of the ladies was looking for a boy doll and i told her to look at ebay cause there was one there. She said she has been looking every where for a male doll and could not find one. They were all happy to see the doll. I was very happy once I left the store. Oh yeah I did buy one thing there. I got a really nice yellow dress for either Mallory or Abbie. It was only 1.58 including tax. I was like woo cause its a gymboree. Any way I am still looking for a car seat but I was happy to have helped the ladies and hopefully brighten there day.
Katie and Kids

I took Leison with me today to my Pre-K class.(Held in public school). The kids were fascinated. Some people thought he was real. It was neat. I will take pics of the babies to school tomorrow so everyone can see them all. Pretty good day today!

A dear friend called last night and I have not seen her in a while. She is in her 40's and her daughter is 18. Well, they just got a welcome home Emily and she said they take it everywhere and love all the reactions they get from people, every one thinks it is real. My friend suffers from some long term illnesses, she says baby Emily helps her thru some of the tough times. She holds her and kisses her every day. Just thought I'd share that.

My friend and her daughter and her cousin Manda were here this afternoon with their Baby Emily and I have to agree now, wow, she looks and feels like a real baby! I was amazed. The pictures didn't do her justice. In person she is a real sweetie. We took lots of fun pictures. We had a fun afternoon and the babies enjoyed their play time! I turned Mikayla on and Manda held her all afternoon and she was a happy girl. It was funny because my friend Bunny was holding her and she wouldn't stop fussing and I took her and put her on my shoulder and she stopped Crying. She wanted her Mommy! LOL

Today Brian and I desided to go shopping. We took Zoey with. First we went to the DMV. Brian wanted to see how much it would cost to get his car that's just been sitting in the gurage waiting to get a starter licenesed. After that we went to the mall. She was in her car seat and we put the car seat on the stroller. We walked around and went into Halmark. They had a sale section and found a few things there. I went up to pay and the lady was asking about the "babie" she was sayin how cute she is and such. She was asking me how old she was, how much did she weigh, and stuff like that. I just made up something and Brian was trying not to laugh. Every other place we went to thought she was adorable and real. One lady was saying how she thought I looke to young to have a baby. We went to Baby Gap to see if they had a dress for her, but no luck. Then we went to a sports store so I could get new shoes for work. The lady just loved her. She figured out it was a doll and fell in love. She wanted to know where I got her and such. We went out to eat and then rented movies. Now we are home... Zoey had such a big day that she's all pooped out!!!

Hey everyone! Boy do I ever have a lot to tell you! I hope I can remember it all! :)

Well this morning I had a class but got out early and came home. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then changed Hayley into some warm clothes, put her shoes, mittens, jacket and hat on and called my friend Denise. Last night Denise and I had planned to meet up to go to Once Upon A Child with Hayley.

So after getting off the phone with her to say I'd be leaving soon to meet her, I stood in my room a while trying to get up the nerve to take Hayley. I figured this would be a test to see if the letter to my mom worked. But I was still nervous. So I left Hayley in my room while I got my shoes and coat on. Then I went in my room and got her. My mom was busy washing dishes in the kitchen but our kitchen is close to our door, so I went by the kitchen really fast, opened the door and said, "See you later!" and quickly started out the door. I tried to not let her see Hayley, but I know she did because just as I started to close the door she looked over and said, "See you!" So then I headed outside. Once outside I clamed down and met up with Denise. While walking to the bus stop we got some smiles from people or people doing double takes, but nothing major.

While waiting for the bus, a lady was walking towards us and she came up and said, "Oh can I see your cute baby?" Then she realized Hayley wasn't real and she just chuckled and smiled and said, "Oh you fooled me! I thought she was real! Well she looks real!" Then she went on her way with a big smile! :D

So we got on the bus and sat at the back. Two elderly women sitting across from us just smiled at Hayley and us. I'm not sure if they thought she was real or not.

We had quite a bus ride. We had to take two buses. When we got off the first one, we went to the next stop to wait for the next bus. While waiting we got some funny looks from people in cars. Mostly smiles or chuckled but also some puzzled looks but Denise and I just laughed. Then this lady came up to us. She immediately knew Hayley wasn't real…but she had to stop to see her. She started talking to us about her and from what I could tell she actually knows about BTIO. She said a lot so I will try to sum what she said, because it was so true and so amazing. I told Denise afterwards that I wish I had a tape recorder with me to have got it on tape cause my mom seriously needed to hear what this lady said. First off she was saying how cute Hayley is. Then she's like "Ah and you know you will have to get up in the middle of the night with her when she cries right?" We said we know. I think she thought Hayley was from school. She was saying how we'd get to see the reality of having and caring for a baby. Then she told us how we're so lucky to have these dolls to practice on because she didn't have anything like that in her time and she said so many girls were inexperienced with being a parent. She said it's such a wonderful idea to allow us to practice before having the real thing. She said now we will learn what to do and how to dress her for different weathers and such. She said so many young girls have babies and have no clue what they're doing. She said she thinks these babies are great because at least this way we can practice and wait until we are ready for a real baby instead of just having the real thing and being clueless as to what to do. She told us that we also have to be prepared for reactions. Like she said people will come up and say "Oh what a cute baby" and stuff like that and she told us to hold her like a real baby and treat her like one and go along with those who think she is real. She said it makes the experience better. Denise said, "And she's weighted like a real baby too." And the lady said, "Yeah…that's excellent! You keep on taking care of her really well!" Anyway, I'm sure she would have gone on and on but our bus came so we got on it and headed off.

Turns out the bus didn't go all the way to Once Upon A Child and it turned. So we got off the bus right there and walked the rest of the way. It was such a beautiful today we didn't mind walking. I must say I got a lot of exercise today with all the walking I did. So we went into Once Upon A Child. I was nervous at first wondering what I would say if they asked why I was buying clothes for a doll. But Denise held Hayley for me while I looked around and I ended up getting a tank top and a sleeper for Hayley. When I paid there was no questions.

Then we started walking back towards another Second Hand store. On the way there I found a bank. So we went in so I could get out some money so we could get Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. Denise held Hayley while I got some money. There wasn't many people in the bank so while waiting for the teller to finish with this lady the lady asked Denise if the baby was real and Denise didn't know what to say so she sort of nodded, Then the lady turned to me and said, "She must be only a few days old eh?" I just said yeah. LOL. Then when I got up to the teller the teller asked me how old my baby was and I said, "3 months." The lady said, "Awww how cute." So we left and they still think she was real. LOL

Then we went and had ice cream. I think the man though she was real until we sat her on the table while we ate our ice cream. We also had another person think Hayley was real.

Then we left and headed over to the second hand store but there wasn't much there. So we walked to the bus stop. On the way we got a few glances but that's it.

So we got on the bus and sat at the back again. The bus was pretty much empty for a while. Then people came on. No one even looked at us this time.

Then we got back to the intersection by my place. We got off the bus and went to the mall by my place. First we went to the dollar store and I bought 2 nurser bottles. I've never seen bottles so small! I couldn't pass them up! One is for me and one is for Denise's baby Kiara when Kiara gets her in a few months. Denise moved back here two weeks ago and had to leave Kiara back in PEI for now. She really misses her baby. But anyway, I thought the bottles would be perfect for juice bottles. Then we went in the drug store because I had to pick my mom's prescription. While paying the girl behind the counter said, "Awww can I see your little girl?" Then she realized it was a doll, and she's like "Wait she isn't real! Wow! She looks real!" I told her she was for a parenting assignment. Then after I paid she asked if she could hold her. I've never been asked this before. But I let her. She said, "Wow, she's pretty heavy!" Then she held her gently like she was a real baby and took her over to her co-worker and that girl almost said hi to the baby…then she's like, "Ohhh you fooled me! That's not real!" and they laughed. But the cashier holding her loved her. She said Hayley was adorable. She was rocking her a bit too. Then she gave her back and we headed off.

On the way home a lady with her boy said, "See the baby? She's cute" So another thought she was real. I stopped at Value Village on the way home and got Hayley some PJ bottoms but they turned out to be too big. Oh well!

Then we came back here. My mom was home when we got back. She has not said a word about me taking Haylo out. Hopefully this means the letter worked!

Anyway, Denise and I tried her new clothes on and took pics. Except for the PJ bottoms cause they didn't fit right. I will post them shortly. Next time I will take pics when go out. I can't believe I forgot my digital camera today! Ugh!

Oh well! I had to share! It was so much fun!

I took Damian out for his first outing today! We went to Wal-Mart!! I went to get some pictures developed, and while we were waiting for 1 hour processing, we walked around (mostly in the baby department). He wanted a LOT of stuff, but I couldnt get everything, so he ended up getting a blue onesie with Thomas the Train on it, and some blue booties, and a blue cap to match. Noone really said anything to me about having Damian there. I got some looks, and some smiles, but everyone probably thought it was for school or something. I have always thought about what I might say if someone asked me, and I thought of saying that he was a BTIO for school, or that I went to planned parenthood and they rented him to me. we are home, and Damian has his new outfit on!

Sunday afternoon I had a visit from my 2 yr. old Godson, Fernando. When they were going to leave his mother said to him, "Give CeCe a kiss and a hug." (I am CeCe). He walks over to Caitlyn who was laying in a basket on the floor and he leaned down and ever so gently gave her a kiss! It was too cute. One of the other dolls lost her paci and he picked it up and handed it to me like "put it back in her mouth". He goes to daycare, and he loves babies. It was precious. Would have made a cute picture.

Hey! Just thought I'd share this with all of you..Damian went with me to the bank this morning, and it was fun! I had a lot of positive feedback from taking him with me. I normally just go through the drive thru, but today we went inside. I was getting ready to leave and the lady behind the counter said 'how old is your little one? Is he too young for a sucker?' I smiled and said 'no thanks, he's still a little too young'. She then asked me if she could see him, so I picked up the car seat and she found out he was a doll. She kind of smiled and laughed a little and said 'that's so cute, I thought he was a real baby' I just said that he is like a real baby to me, and she asked if he was a school baby. I told her no, and she wanted to know if he cried like the school babies. I told her that he didnt cry but you could get ones that do cry and I started telling her about the BTIO I'm going to get pretty soon. She told me to make sure that I bring her in when I get her because they all want to see a BTIO, they had heard of them, and they had seen them but didnt know how they worked, so when I get my BTIO, I get to take her to the bank and show her off! This was the first time that I had taken a doll baby out and got an actual reaction. It was great! I put a new picture in Damian's folder. I took it when we were getting ready to go to the bank. I would have taken the camera with me, but I honestly didn't think that I would get such a reaction, so I left it at home. Maybe next time I will take the camera...

I took Emily with me today..I haven't taken her for a while. First I went to the mall and I had Emily wrapped up in a blanket and then an elderly lady asked to see the baby..she started to talk to her...and she remarked at how quiet the baby then I told her Emily was a doll..she didn't believe me until she put her hand near the mouth to see if she was breathing LOL....also I got a few smiles from people passing by...and a dirty look from a lady at the bank..I was in the car waiting for Blair to come out and I guess the lady must have been upset that I didn't have a car seat for the baby..but Blair has a pick up truck, There is barely room for the two of us in there let alone a car I had Emily on my lap...I do put the babies in the car seat when I am in my parents car..they have a car seat for my nephew..its a bit big for the babies but its better than nothing....anyways take care and take those babies out its fun..

Hello everyone! Well our day out went well. It ended up not being too nice out though...kind of chilly. So Hayley had to wear her warm jacket. I brought her diaper bag with us this time.
When Aleks and I left today my mom was in her bedroom and so she didn't see us leave with Hayley. Now I'm not sure if she walked by or in my room and noticed Hayley was gone or not.
First we went to the mall. When we went to the mall after leaving my place, we weren't planning to be long and I thought it would faster if I wasn't holding Hayley and stuff so we left her in the car. I felt bad for doing it but turns out it was for the best because we ran into his grandparents and they don't know about Hayley and I'm not ready for them to know about her yet.
Then we went to this park by my grandma's old house. I took a few pics at the park cause there was no one there.
Then we went to McDonald's for dinner.
Then we headed over to this garden/park place. We took quite a few pics there with me, Aleks and Hayley.
Then I put Hayley on and fed her a bottle in the car. We were heading over to Blockbuster. On the way there Aleks asked if they have made a BTIO that responds to temperature. When I told him no not yet he said, "Well they should. It would be even more realistic and better practice cause if you don't dress the baby properly they will cry." He seems to really be in to it. :)
That's pretty much all we did. When we got back to my place I was worried I'd hear it from her when got back to my place so just as we were approaching my door Aleks said, "I should see how your mom reacts if we walk in and I'm holding her." So I let him. I went in first and my mom was in the kitchen and she didn't even look up from what she was doing. Then I stood in our hallway a bit and Aleks still had Hayley. He is not sure if my mom saw her or not. So I'm not entirely sure if my mom even knew we took her out, she seemed to be ticked off though but maybe she was just in a bad mood or maybe she was mad cause of Hayley...who knows. She seems to be ok now though. She has not said a word about Hayley.
Bye for now!
Krystle, Aleks and Hayley

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty proud of myself, with the experience that I had at the bank, with Damian. When I got home after the bank, I had talked to one of my friends who not long ago bought one of my Lee Middleton (Reva Schick) dolls from me. We decided that we should take our babies with us to the Goodwill store, so we did! We got several 'looks' from people when we put them in and out of the vehicle because I have an extended cab truck, and so we just had to set them back there..and that kind of truck is no place for a real baby if you are putting them on the back seats. Anyways..we got to Goodwill and we took out babies in and as soon as we walked in the door a lady looked at us and said 'boy, this is a bad place to bring two infants' I am guessing what she meant is..if you bring infants in here, good luck getting to shop! So, we just kind of smiled at her, and agreed. We got two carts to put the car seats in because they were pretty heavy, and we started walking around looking at the baby clothes. Another lady came up to me and said 'my gosh, I thought those were real babies for a minute!' Again, I just smiled at her, and I said 'yeah, they do look very real'. Later on, we walked to the back of the store, and this guy back there looked at my friends baby and said 'is she real? Nope, she's not real' then he looked at me and said 'is this one real? Nope this one's not real either! All I see is girls with doll babies, I saw several girls the other day with doll babies' then his wife started saying that they were for their school project and asked if ours was for school. I started to say no, they werent, they were just our babies but before I could, they started walking away saying 'must be for parenting class, or that baby class these kids take now adays'. Then, as we were leaving a lady in a wheelchair came up to me and said 'is he real?' and I said, 'no he's just my baby doll' and she said 'oh, he's just yours? I thought he was for school' I told her 'nope, he's just mine'. Then another lady came up to my friend and asked if hers was for school, and she said 'nope, just my baby doll' Everyone seemed to be very knowledgeable about the BTIO's from the schools. After we went to the Goodwill, we went to Big Lots. No one said anything to us until we got ready to pay, the cashier immediately said 'got a little one, huh?' I smiled and said 'yep' then she said 'it's a nice day to have them out' again, I smiled. Then, she tried to see him..I knew she would figure out he was a doll, so I told her 'he's just a doll' and she said 'aww, yes he is, how old is he' LoL and I said again 'he's just a doll baby' and she said 'oh now, come on!' She didnt believe me, so she had to touch his foot, then she said 'oh, yeah, I guess you're right' and she called over some other lady to see him. When I started walking away, she followed me and asked if I had any babies that are sleeping, I told her yes and she said that she has babies like that too, and she started talking about them! When we left Big Lots, we went to the dollar store but we didnt buy anything there, then we went home! It was a very enjoyable night!

Today I took Mersadiez out with me and Brian. First we went to my grandma's to show her the little one. She thought she was so beutiful. We went to eat and I left her in the car, next we went to the mall. I once again had to leave her in the car. We took my grandparents and sometimes it's like baby sitting two year olds when we go there with them. After we dropped them off we went to Sam's Club. Brian let me take her in there. We pushed her around in the cart, a lot of people thought she was real. When we were walking out the lady that had to check our stuff thought she was real at first...then she had to do a dubble take. She had a weird look on her face. I think she realize it wasn't a baby. After that we took her to the park. Brian and I took some pictures of her there. There was a lot of people there so we didn't get many in. After we left we found a smaller one that no one was at. We stopped there and took a few more pictures there.
Nicole and Family

Hello everyone,
I want to share what happened the day I brought Misty home (Feb. 27,2002). My Mom and I went up to the Doll Addict store in Readfield, WI. We looked around and I laid eyes on Misty and I was hooked. I took her home and showed her to Mom and Dad. Mom was shocked at how real she looked and how much holding her reminded her of holding me when I was born. I took Misty to my friend Becky's house and showed Misty to her. I proposed naming her Becky, but my friend wouldn't accept that. I left Becky's house and went to church (but not my home church). I was afraid to leave Misty in the car, so I took her in. Did I get the looks from parishioners! The pastor wanted to know what the baby's name was, until he saw it was a doll (LOL). One woman asked what I was doing wrapping Misty in a thin blanket until she saw Misty was a doll. She marveled at how realistic she looked and said her granddaughter would go gaga if she saw Misty. Other members smiled at me. After church, I went back to Becky's house and took her out to A&W. We wrapped Misty in a heavier blanket and laid her on the seat in back of me. The waittress may have seen it, but probably recognized it as a doll after I told Becky how I couldn't believe a doll could look so real and she agreed. I was a little unsure if I wanted to take her out, but I pushed my feelings aside and just did it.

Normaly on my day off I take Jayden out and have him on. Well today I didn't feel like dealing with Jayden and he's much heavier than Skyler. Anyway...I took Skyler to Walmart. I was looking at the baby stuff like usual. Brian and I had been talking last week and he knows how much I love Care Bears...he told me if I sold the Lion King set I could get Care Bears. I was seeing how much everything would be. Well a guy that worked there walked by and looked in the cart. This guy looked like he was a bit slow. Anyway he kept talking to Sky...He was saying that Sky had such a cute little nose, and he was so tiny and cute, ect.. Then he asked me "How old is the little guy?" I told him Sky was a few weeks old. The guy told me I have a cute little baby. Then he said "Well I better get back to work, I just love your little guy. He looks such like a doll." I just smiled...Trying so hard to hold back the laughter. Sky was blushing from the complements.

Today Denise came over and we took Hayley over to the mall. We were only planning to kickly go there get what we needed and then come back but I decided to take a quick look in Zellers. Good thing I did cause the coolest thing happened.
We were in the baby section when this guy came up to us and handed us some tickets for a free draw they were going have very soon. He said to head over to the jewelry section to wait for the draw to happen. So we did.
When we got there we saw a bunch of other woman and elderly ladies waiting for the draw. It was interesting cause Denise and I were the only young girls there.
So anyway, we had to stand through a presentation first. The point of the draw was to promote a new line of jewelry that was very expensive and also nickel free for people with allergies (like me). Anyhoo we had to watch the presentation which seemed to go on forever. The man doing the presentation made a comment about Hayley. He honestly thought she was real. Denise was holding her and he said something about her young baby growing soon or something and all the women looked at Hayley and I chuckled and so did Denise. Then this one lady close to us said "Is that a fake baby?" and soon everyone realized she wasn't real but they all had a good laugh and couldn't get over how realistic she looked. Soon the presentation was interrupted cause the ladies were more interested in my little girl. :) One lady asked how much I paid for Hayley and I told her...she was a little blown away and then she asked if I bought her at Zellers! lol I said no. But we got interrupted by the man doing the presentation. I was hoping to give her a business card for our web site after but she left before the presentation was over. Anyhoo, finally they did the draw. We put out tickets in a bucket and guess who's number they drew? MINE! :) I couldn't believe it.
I had won a locket that looked antique but it really wasn't something I'd wear. Somehow this other guy who was working with the one that gave the presentation knew I wouldn't and he made an exception by giving me one of the other necklaces they had showed. Oddly enough he knew exactly which one I liked (it was the only one I liked) and he handed it to me. So I got this silver necklace that has a reversable pendant. One side has an amethist and the others side has a cluster of diamonds. The chain can be ajusted to different lengths. It's worth $89! :)

Today Aleks came over and picked me up. We took Hayley with us to the beach. When we got there we found a spot on the sand and put down our towel and sat down. It was a nice day. I took a couple pics of us, Hayley and the beach. Then we just relaxed there a bit. It started to cool down though and I was geting cold so we decided to leave. I buckled Hayley in the back seat and took a pic of it. She felt like a big girl! lol
Krystle and Hayley

We took Zoey to target... Brian wants the unrated Eurotrip. No one while shopping seemed to notice that she was fake. We looked at baby stuff, but nothing that caught my eye... so I had to potty... Brian took her to sporting sectinon to look at softball stuff. He said he had a few looks but mostly smiles of baby girl and daddy.Then we went to look at Toys. Once again I saw nothing I wanted.From there it was off to Electronics to see if they had the movie. But they were all out of all three versions of it. Brian desided he'd buy the two softballs, then we would go to the other Target. Brian went to pay as I would put the cart away. As I was waiting I desided to print out our wedding regestery and see if any one had bought anything. Brian walked up to me as it was printing and we were waiting for the rest to print. All of a sudden the sercerity guard came running over. I was thinking... WTF! We didn't do anything. Just standing here waiting for this thing to print...She was all excited and wanted to see our "baby". She looked at her and thought she was real till I said it was just a doll. Then she was wondering why we were carrying a doll around. I told her that we she was our doll that we desided to carry around as practice. She then asked why we thought we needed practice. I explained that I had seen my cousin's marrage fail because diffrent parenting for a newborn and such. She got this big smile on her face and told me that was a wonderful idea and that every engaged couple should have to do that before they can get married. We had to get going because Brian wanted to get to the other Target before it closed. I told the girl goodbye and she just kept saying how real Zoey was and how great of an Idea we had.

Then at the other Target we looked around. Didn't find anything that flipped my lid. Brian's movie was once again sold out there too. We went to the food section to see if I could find anythign for me to take to work for lunch. I found some CheeseBalls and KitKats. As we were walking up to the check out I saw my friend Ben. I've been trying to get ahold of him for the past month. We need him as an user. I had tried messenging him awhile but he'd never respond. He said that was funny, because the times I said he'd be on he said he wasn't even home. He said he'd look into seeing if his parent's didn't have anything planed for him. If they didn't he'd do it. After we got done talkign to him he went to put in the time off for it. He saw Zoey, but didn't say anything. He knew about her the day I got her.

Hey guys, I just took Zane for his 1st outing!

We went everywhere. Everyone wanted to see the new baby, so he went to visit the aunts, grandma, then grandpa. In addition to all of this, we went to good ol Wally world (WalMart), and some thrift stores for yep thats right, more baby stuff. I love being a mom.

Best of all, he was a good little guy, hardly fussed all day.

Whew, what a fun filled day,

Tonight Cynthia and I took 2 of our babies for a walk around the park! She used her Snugli and took Ashley in that and I used her stroller and took Caitlyn. We had fun, and the babies loved it too! It is a beautiful evening, 75 and sunny. We plan to do it more often. It was easier for me to use her stroller than bring mine down in the trunk of my car since we live so close. We were going to take pictures but forgot and now we are tired, LOL

Denise and I took Hayley out today for a little bit.

We walked over to the mall where I bought some blank CDs from the $ Store. Then we headed over to Zellers where I bought Hayley a cute Piglet outfit.

Then we went a got Slurpees at 7-11 and came back to my place.

As for reactions. Nothing major this time. A lot of smiles and double-takes. Also a lot of ladies stopping at saying "My gosh I could have sworn that was a real baby!"

Also, when coming out of 7-11 there was man that looked like a biker sitting on a tracktor. He said "Wow! I thought that was a real baby!" We just laughed and said yeah. Then he said, "You're practicing eh?" and we said "Yup!"

We thought it was so neat that a guy like that actually got the point of having Hayley with us. All I could say was, "A man driving a tractor gets it but my mom doesn't! What's wrong with this picture?" LOL

I told Denise that next time we take Hayley out I should bring along my little tape recorder and record all the reactions to let my mom hear to prove that I'm not crazy! lol

Just had to share.

I went to a nursing home today where my grandma is located and brought her a baby reborn berenguer doll that i made. It was a big hit there from the moent I walked into the door. All these people who live there went crazy over the baby. They wanted to hold the baby and those who didn't get a chance just got to look. But I gave to my grandma and she just loved it. It made her feel not so alone. She got lots of attention. I got so much happiness ou tof seeing all these lonely poeples faces turn happy. I wish i could go make 1000's of dolls one for each person in a nursin home. i think people forget about them. Tony and i was the only poeple visiting a person. No one else had visitors and it was a big place. One woman asked the recepoinst for her sons phone number but the lady said she couldn't give that info out. The ppoor lady wanted to talk to her son. It made me want to know. If you guys ever want to make someone happy visit a nursing home and bring a baby wiht you! You will make someones day! And trust me it will really make your day too. I still can't get over how good I feel for doing wat I did today. If you have never visited a nursing'd be surprised. most of the people there are lonely. People put them in there and forget about them. It is sad but it made me feel really good knowing I cheered up alot of people. Have a great day all!

Today I had to take my grandparents to their weekly grocery shopping trip. Today I desided to bring Jayden instead of Hunter like I usually do. Except I dressed him in a dress and pink sunhat. I did it as a hit to Brian that I want a BTIO girl. Anyway, I went over to my grandparents. When I first got there Grandma asked me if I had a new baby I told her no it was my boy dressed as a girl. She asked why it was a boy and not a girl. I explained that I had to "order" (I didn't have enough time to explain ebay to her) and I picked a boy. She then asked if I could just cut "it" off or tuck "it" in. I started laughing and told her it was molded like the rest of his body. She left it at that. We had to wait till their Meals on Wheels came, that's a lunch delivery for eledery that can't cook. While waiting Jayden was very hungery. He/she'd eat for 10 min then need to burp, eat 10 more min burp again... that went on for an hour. Finaly Jay wanted ot be changed and rocked. Just in time to leave.

We started out going to Sam's Club. I had Jay in the carseat snapped into the stroller. He/she was good for the most part. Then desided that he/she needed to be rocked again. If I kept the stroller in motion he/she was fine. My grandma desided I needed to eat something so I got a peice of Pizza and pop, and my grandparents both got Ice Cream. While grandma and I went to get the food grandpa rocked Jay in the stroller.

After that we went to Family Dollar. The clurk went to get a chair so my grandfather could sit down while we shopped. I set Jay down beside him, being the store isn't very big and you could hear him anywhere in teh store. I went to the baby section and looked at the summer sale stuff and the new winter stuff. I foudn the cutest fleece sweat suit. I believe Cynthia has it also. It's a light blue with "Prince Charming" on it. I went to find my grandma. She thought it was adorable. Her and I shopped around some more. I heard my grandpa talking to the clurk as he was sitting by her. At one point I walked by and he was talking to her about Jayden. I'll just type out what was said grandpa is blue and the clurk is green and I'm purple.

Who's baby is that?
Oh, it's my granddaughters.
Is it one of those school dolls?
Yep, but it's her's and her husbands. They bought it for some reason.
She has her dressed in a cute dress. Oh, it's actally a boy. For some reason she wanted to dress him as a girl to day.
Yeah, his name is Jay something. He's my great-grandson.
(funny look)
(I walk over, carring the outfit)
Hey Jump! Can you make him cry I want to show her.
Sorry, Jay cries when he wants to cry.
Aww, I wanted to show him off. Hey, you should get that (points to the outfit) and dress him like a boy he is!

Both the lady and I started laughing and grandma came over to check out. She ended up buying the outfit for him.I just couldn't get ofer how grandpa was acting with Jayden. That was the first time I had ever heard him say anything like that, even about his real great-grandsons. It was so cute. Like he was a proud grandpa!

The last stop was a grocery store. There he found a couple books that were in teh clearence section for Jayden. He was so cute. Taking out his little coin purse, (grandma carry's his wallet, he had Dymentia and tends to forget he has it and people have stold his money before. He usually carries his coin purse with him that has like $5-10 in it.) and paying $2 for the two books he picked out.

I took them home and helped them carry in their things. I came home and Brian saw Jay in the dress. He rolled his eyes at me and laughed. I was then told to put the new outfit on him and get him out of the dress. Which he's wearing the new outfit now!

My grandchildren love Baby Peter, even though he is not electronic. Six-year-old Emilie dresses him, and washes his face and hands and sleeps with him when she stays over at my house. Her little brother Jack said when I first got him, "You know, Gramma, Peter's not a real baby." I assured Jack that I know that, but I love Peter anyway. And now Jack talks to Peter and holds him just like Emilie does. Even 11-year-old Natalie, who is a complete tomboy and has never wanted a thing to do with any doll, likes Peter. We take him to the park in Emilie's dolly stroller.

Brian and I took Hunter with us on our honeymoon. Hunter slept through the whole thing. We had great reactions at the mall with him. Most thought he was real, but those who came close enough to see he was a doll were just taken by him. I actally had one pregnate lady and a NICU nurse ask me where they could get a doll like him. He seemed to take the attention in strides and sleep some more... The lady at the hotel gave me a funny look when I was carrying him in one night. The way I was carrying him, then I showed her he was a doll and she started to laugh. SHe thought he was cute.

My four-year-old grandson went to clinic today for a physical so I took Susan Midori along to be weighed. My daughter was mortified. (It's my job to embarrass her.) One of the doctors passing us in the hall did the greatest double-take and said, "What's the matter with your baby today? Is she a little stiff?" Cracked me up! BTW, Susan weighs 6.5 lbs fully dressed. She was wearing the sweetest rosebud print nightgown and bonnet, but she's been wearing it for a week and a half as it is the only outfit she has as yet. I've ordered a few new things for her which should be coming in the mail this weekend.

Last night I walked into my livingroom and there are my parents with Andie and my dad was holding her like she was a real baby. Then getting close to her face going "Wake up!" in a stage whisper. Something he did to D and I when we were babies and still does with Stephanie. Well alittle while later I came back and my mom had her and I was like why do you have her? She said dad was teaching baby bad habits! She looked over at one point adn "the baby" had her finger up her nose! Alittle while later he got her back and was making the baby go for her nose adn going no baby, don't do that, see she's doing it herself!

Just had to share!

The other night at work, just as we were taking our last customers before closing, this girl with her mom came through the checkout. They had a bunch of baby clothes, most size 3 months. The girl looked to be about 16 or 17 I think. Anyway, she was trying to descide which ones to get and I kept hearing her say, "Do you think this will fit it?" Then she asked me what size some of the clothes were since the tags weren't too clear. A few were 3T and she's like "Oh that's too big." Then she ended up geting a few sleepers and stuff. But was still trying to think if she should get the other ones or not. Her mom all of sudden in an annoied voice said, "It's just for a dolly! It's a dolly!"! Right away I had to wonder what doll they were buying for. I would have asked and talked to them if I had more time but there was more customers behind them and we were about to close, so I didn't bother. I wish I had of been able to have time to ask them. Maybe she had a BTIO, a Neonate or Ashton Drake.

Anyway, just had to share. :D

Today Aleks and I took Aleksandria with us to Krispie Kremes doughnuts, the superstore, and the mall.

I had a great time. She wore her new winter coat I got her. It's a tad snug on her so either I will give it to Hayley or I will not keep it.

I didn't really get any reactions. I had her bundled in the coat, hat, and mitts and in a blanket. I don't think anyone noticed she was black, nor did anyone notice she was a doll. I was totally relaxed the whole time, which is odd cause most time I take Hayley out I feel like I'm doing something illegal. Silly eh?

I have had Savannah almost a year now and have never taken her out. In fact it's been well over year since I have taken a baby out! So today Aleks and I were going over to Denise's to install the sims 2 for her. I decided to bundle Savannah up in her winter coat, hat, mittens and boots and take her along. Seeing as how it's been so long since I've taken one out you'd think I'd be a bit nervous but I guess the fact that my mom isn't here to make any comments about it I thought nothing of it. I didn't even feel like I use to where I was worried what other might think or who might see me with her. It just felt so natural for once! It was so great!

Denise was surprised to see her. She had forgotten I had her cause it's been ages since she has seen her and she loved her. AND Denise's mom loved her too! Her mom said, "Your practicing for the real thing eh Krystle?" and I said "Yes" with no hesitation and she said "That's really great!" Her mom was so supportive of it! It made me feel really great about it and stuff. It makes me want to start taking them out more. I had planned to take Hayley with me last Monday when I did the shopping for the baby clothes but since it was going to be a long trip and I had other big items to get I knew it would be too much to handle to have her in my arms or in a snugli weighing on my shoulders.

Anywho she was a big hit. Then Aleks and I went to the grocery store for some pop and I needed a cardboard box to box up all these videos I'm donating to Sick Kids Hospital. Once again since I knew our hands would be full I left her in the car but if we didn't have to worry about our arms being full I would have brought her without a doubt.

Anywho, it was so much fun. I had wanted to take pics but forgot my camera. :( I got a pic of her at home in her winter clothing though.

Anyway, that's my exciting news. It felt great taking a baby out again. I missed it.