Baby Stories

Hey everyone! Well I did it! Today I took Hayley with Aleks and I to the Ontario Science Centre to the Titanic Exhibit. My mom was busy when we left so she didn't even see me walk out with Hayley and the diaper bag. Then Aleks and I went to the locker to get the stroller that you guys sent me. We got out to the car and put it in the trunk and put Hayley in the back seat. And we were off.

It went really well. Hayley was bundled up so I think most people didn't even look twice because they thought she was real. At first I was a bit nervous but it passed quickly. So anyway we lined up for the tickets and Aleks said they will probably want to charge for Hayley because they will think she is real. I pointed out that it says children under 3 are free so there wouldn't be a problem. So we got up there and Aleks said, "2 tickets for the Titanic Exhibit please." So they guy said ok and put that through and then he said, "And one child under 3?" Aleks was like, "Um.." and then I jumped in a said yes. So we got the tickets and headed towards the entrance. Aleks looked at what the man handed us and said, "Aww they did give a ticket to Hayley." and he seemed pissed because he thought they charged us or something. I pointed out on it that it says $0 lol so he's like ok. Then we both just laughed at the fact that they gave a doll a ticket and they didn't realize. I'm going to scan the ticket and post it's too funny!

So we headed for the elevator because the exhibit was on the lower level. Once in the exhibit no one really looked at all because they were busy looking at the exhibit. Which by the way the exhibit was so amazing. It had tons of artifacts that were recovered from the wreckage and it had stories about people on the boat and quotes from survivors of the Titanic. When you entered you got a replica of a Titanic ticket and it had information about a person you were going to be throughout the exhibit and at the end you find out if you lived or died. I was a lady in 3rd class who was traveling with her husband and 9 kids. I didn't live. I don't know about the husband and kids because it didn't say. Aleks was the guy who built the Titanic and was in first class and he lived.

Some of the cool things were spots that were set up like areas of the one part was entering the Titanic and another was a hallway outside the rooms. There was a first class room and third class room and there was the boiler room and area where they ran the ship with coal, etc. There was an iceberg to feel. And some of the items that were from the wreckage were dishes, cups, spoons, wine bottles with wine still in them, postcards, money (paper and coin), jewelry, clothing, bags, parts of the ship like toilets, sinks, doorknobs, machinery from the ship, chandlers, lights, binoculars, bells, and so much more. There was even some viles of perfume. This man that made perfume that was traveling with his samples, out of 65 samples he had, 62 were recovered. They still smelled and you could smell them. It was so neat.

Anyway, when we got to the end it brought us to a gift shop. As we were walking through it, a lady that worked there, bent down to look at Hayley. She was smiling and was like "awww" I just kept walking and then she said to this lady next to her "What a cute little baby, she looks like a little doll." I almost burst out laughing right then and there.

Then when we got back to the car I was getting Hayley out of the stroller when the man who owned the car parked next to us was coming to his car. I was hurrying so he could get by me. He's like "It's ok take your time." Then I got Hayley out of the stroller and quickly "tossed" her on the back seat LMAO he must have thought "What the heck??" So then I closed the back seat door and put the stroller in the trunk. As I did that the man walked to his car and as he passed our car he looked in the back seat window and said to his wife who was getting in the passenger side "She's sound asleep." lol then he continued on. When we got in the car Aleks and I both said he was probably wondering why she wasn't in a car seat. LMAO! Too funny. I had a fun time with it.

Something funny happened to me the other day. My fiance and I were going to a mall that's about a half hour from where I live when he saw the Scion car dealer and decided he wanted a new car! At the time I had one of my babies with me and she was turned on. So we get to the car dealer and my fiance works out a price and bla bla so after about 2 hours we started the paperwork. In those two hours I had been walking around looking at all the new cars and trying to burp my baby. so I finally go back inside and the guys like "okay I have to ask you.. what is that?!?!?" My fiance starts cracking up and says "this is our daughter" he started kissing her and all.. and the guy was like ohh...? so i said no it's a doll and i explained it to him and he totally fell in love with it... he's like I want one!!! So I told him to check Ebay. Just for taking my baby with us I got us a lower monthly payment! lol! It went well though.

Today I was finally able to go out for a walk with Julia. I thought of the elementary school playground next door and decided to take pictures of her. Although it was about 33F, we really had fun. We also walked around the block and then back home. And after a few minutes of rest, I realized how much I enjoyed walking with Julia and so we went out again and just showed her the neighborhood. I held her tight in my arms, as if she was real, and planted a kiss on her head from time to time. Although I admit that I am still self-conscious about carrying a doll in public with me at my age (30 :p), I can't deny that I really enjoyed my time doing it :D
Julia and Mommy Kaye

I took Riley out today because my friend (who loves reborns) wanted to see a BTIO. She had never heard of them. Well Riley and I went and visited with her, she loved him and thought he was adorable. I turned him on and she had fun trying to figure out what was wrong when he cried or fussed. I had fun looking at all her reborns and oooohh and ahhing. I have to admit that I was bitten by the Baby Bug again and when I got home was looking at reborns online. Well anywho after I left her house I stopped by the college bookstore to buy a book that I need for a course, since it was so bitterly cold outside I carried Riley in his carrier with a blanket draped over it. He was such a good boy and It was so much fun. After the bookstore I went to the library to check out some books and it was very funny because students kept looking over expecting to hear a baby cry but not Riley he was sound asleep (and turned off I should add...heehee)

Today I took Julia to our Bible study to celebrate the Sabbath. It's just a small group of about 15 people, men and women, young and old. They were surprised at the cute baby I was holding and they all found Julia very adorable, especially when they took turns holding her and cuddling her. It was actually nice to see them reacting to her as if she was real, talking to her, saying "Baby...." and stuff :P One lady played with her most of the time and posed her in so many ways. One was with Julia seating on a chair with the Bible on her lap (unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera so I just used my camera phone to take a picture of her, which I will be posting here shortly, sorry because it's not a very good picture though) Also, our leader also carried her for a while and he was actually pleased! One girl taught me how to properly handle a 0-3 month old baby since she had experience taking care of her niece in the past. So it was a learning experience for me. They all asked me why I have a baby, all I said was I love dolls and since I'm getting married, this is good practice :P
Kaye and Julia