Which Type of Doll is Right For You?

There are traditional Neonates® and electronic Neonates®. The traditional dolls are available weighted or unweighted. You can select any ethnicity and gender in any of the three styles.

For very young children 3 years and older, the unweighted doll is usually the best choice. They can't lift a real baby and they have the same difficulty handling one of the models that feels like the weight of a real baby.

Once they are old enough to handle lifting the doll (usually 5 years and older), the weighted traditional dolls are great. They may not be ready for all the activities and the resposibility of an electronic one yet, though.

7 years and older? They almost always want the electronic Neonates®. Selu Spirit was a little surprised at all the people who are interested in the electronic Neonates®. They refer to their customers for this model as mostly "13 to 80"!

All three models are great for teaching nurturing skills. Whether your child wants to emulate your actions with a younger sibling, play at being a parent, or prepare for babysitting, there is an appropriate model.